Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Homemade gifts from LO to DH...

What are some of your favorites that you have done!!
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Re: Homemade gifts from LO to DH...

  • GH LOVED when I took three picture of LO the first picture LO held the letter D, the second LO held the letter A, and the third picture LO held the letter D. I bought a frame that held the three pictures together.. He loves it and shows or tells everyone! I also made a BBQ apron and I wrote on it "Some people dont believe in heros,they havent met my Daddy" and I put DS foot prints all over it.. that was a big hit too
  • We made one of those cement stepping stones with DD's hand print, name and date in it.  He didn't put it outside though, it's on display in his home office. 
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  • I got this idea from google... paint your LO's hand and have them grip a baseball.  I thought that was super cute... although my DH hates baseball.... he is a mechanic and a huge car guy... so I got an aviation tire... I have friends that had a spare.  I painted both her hands and placed them on the tire.  I also stenciled on her name and date.... it was a good year tire... This was DH's fathers day present. 

    We made a present for the Grandpa's too... We (I) covered ice cream buckets with paper and wrote on them "Grandpa we're NUTS about you"  and filled the buckets with peanuts in the shell.  It was a huge hit!

  • ive never heard the baseball idea but i love that...something more than just a handprint on paper or in a mold
  • image JoLiz:

    I got this idea from google... paint your LO's hand and have them grip a baseball.

    I'm totally using this for Christmas.  DH is a huge baseball fan.


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