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breaking the bottle?

i totally did a no no and let the bad habit form of a bottle in bed. in my horrbile defense i was pregnant, super tired and sick of getting up several times a night, so we let Jack have a bottle to go back to sleep which now has become, he loves the bottle and its basically like a paci. he will wake once in the early morning and finds it then goes back down until 8 am. but now that i should be dropping the bottle im terrified for the crying and screaming of going to bed without a bottle. he only has two a day anyways and one is with nap and one is at bedtime. so hes weaned off the daytime bottles and loves his sippies but the bottle is his paci basically. i guess my main question is are there any other ways really except just making him cio with no bottle...i attempted cio about two months ago and really thats when he decided the bottle was his buddy, but it was horrible..i hated it, he screamed adn bawled, i bawled and still didnt sleep because who can sleep through a child crying

Re: breaking the bottle?

  • Sorry I don't have any advise but I'm hoping others do.  DS is the same with LOVING the bottle and it's his security blanket.  He gets 3 a day and naptime won't be bad and for bedtime he gets it before his bath or right after so it's part of the routine but is done with it about 30 mins before i put him in bed.  My biggest fear is the morning bottle.  he wakes for it about 530 and then goes back to bed till 730.  I dont know how i feel about cio at 530 after 10 hours of sleep but then again i don't want to be up for the day at 530 and obviously he still needs sleep too. 
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  • put him down with just water in the bottle.  it will eliminate the issue of severe early childhood decay... which is the main problem of having a bottle to bed.  He has his bottle, he may lose interest in it without the milk/formula and get rid of it on his own.  Or, he may scream bloody murder, and I would feel less bad if I knew he had his "buddy" the bottle with him.  And, we get our child vaccinated and they cry... no moral problem there.  You are just being preventive against decay, it's for his health.  let us know how it goes! :) GL
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  • I am asking this out of total curiosity, no judgment does the milk or formula not spoil if it's in there all night?
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