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Anterior Placenta??

I didn't experience this with DD#1 - if you have, when did you really start to feel your LO move?  I have felt some bubbles and kicks, so I know she's in there, but I'm curious at what point this cushion isn't a cushion for her strength anymore!


Re: Anterior Placenta??

  • This is my first and I've been told I have an AP.  I thought I might have felt her and couple times in my 17th week, but wasn't sure.  Then last Thursday, week 18, I had a definite "I'm in here" moment!  I only feel her maybe once a day right now and it's very light. 
  • I started feeling little kicks at  16 weeks just on the sides of my stomach but by 20 weeks they were strong and all over.
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  • I have been feeling occasional pokes since about 18 weeks. I haven't ever really felt the flutters or popcorn feeling others describe. I think it is perhaps too muffled behind the AP.

    Others I have spoken to with AP say anywhere from 22-25 weeks to feel kicks regularly, so I'm hoping for some action in the next few weeks.

    It's amazing when we've had our ultrasounds to see how much the baby is moving inside and still I feel nothing!!


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  • I have an anterior placenta and I've been feeling the baby quite a lot and pretty strongly for weeks now.  I started feeling light flutters around 17-18 weeks, but it didn't take long after that to become pretty strong. 
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  • I felt little tickles around 18 weeks, then pokes a week or two after that.  I'd say in the last week or two, I've felt stronger movement and DH has been able to feel the baby move.  But it still seems like I feel it more when I'm resting or laying down.  With DS, I felt it all the time, so this is quite a change!
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  • I have one, and the very first time I actually felt something that I *thought* might be movement was 21w1d.  Now I'm almost 23w and I regularly feel bubbles and "gas-but-not-gas" down low where she is, but still nothing I would describe as a solid kick.
  • I'm 25 weeks and have not experienced the "gas, butterflies, or popcorn" sensations that everyone talks about. From everything I have read, I knew I would feel her at the sides, top, or bottom of my uterus. When I asked my doctor, he confirmed my readings & told me not to worry that I hadn't felt her moving since the US show her extremely active & her heart beat is and has remained very strong. He also said that the farther along I get and the bigger she gets, the more I will be able to feel her & it would definitely be a kick not questionable sensations. 

    Sunday evening while lying in bed on my side, I felt a definite kick on the side of my uterus. The single kick turned into several over a very short period of time. Yesterday evening was the same thing. This time she would kick strong every now & then but they were all strong enough for my husband to feel them as well. 

    Hope this helps. =) 



  • I don't know...they told me I had AP today and said this may be why I am not "sure" if I am feeling anything. I do feel things that are not round ligament pains but they don't feel like "butterfly flutters" like everyone keeps saying...they almost feel like really, really light pain bumps...I'm going to guess this is her kicking and it just started.

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  • i have AP and i didnt feel her moving til about 20 weeks, my husband could feel her kick around 23 weeks. her movements still arent as crazy as i remember my friends LOs being, probably because i cant feel them as much.
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