3rd Trimester

lack of movement already?

I know I'm relatively new to the third trimester board, but I've noticed a lack of movement over the last couple of days. Is it too early for this? I'm trying not to be paranoid and call the doctor every time I think she's stopped moving. any advice would be great!! Thanks!

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Re: lack of movement already?

  • my doctor said as long as you have some movement everyday its fine.. but if you need to call your doctor.. but i wouldn't freak out
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  • As long as LO has movement everyday it should be ok ... in the third tri LOs start to establish sleep/wake patterns. If you dont feel movement and you get nervous try to lay down and drink an ice cold sugary drink.But if your worried, always call your Dr. - thats what theyre there for  
  • My LO will have days on end of non-stop movement, then a day (or two or three) where he's VERY quiet.  He still moves, just nowhere near as much, and it can definitely get to be worrisome.  He was quiet from Thursday-Sunday afternoon, and I was about ready to go to L&D for monitoring when he decided it was party time again after dinner on Sunday... and he's barely stopped since, LOL.  I generally assume it's either a growth spurt or he's just completely worn himself out during the active days. 
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  • this is also a point to where the baby is getting too large to be doing real big movements all the time...if ever in doubt they tell me sit in a quite area and prop up, drink at least one large glass of water and maybe some juice and count kicks or movements for an hour, alot of times they move but you dont notice all the little ones anymore...my ob says if you can get to 10 in an hr its perfectly fine
  • Mine had a slow down for a few days right around 29 weeks, then picked right back up again. My doc said to drink something cold and sugary (OJ with a spoon of sugar) and lay down. Feeling 3 movements/kicks in half an hour= LO is fine (some docs will say 5 kicks an hour or 10 in two). Otherwise to call and come in.

    Try that and always call if you are not sure.



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  • Your little LO is going to have slow days with that growing they are doing.  My MW told me unless I don't hear a little something for LO in an eight stretch no panics! And I really am the queen of panic first ask questions later =)
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