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Tough Night Last night Please help

My DD was up all night last night.  It was so hard to console her. Between my DH and I the only way she would be somewhat consoled is if we held her.  She was crying and screaming and I just didn't know what to do. We ended up taking shifts.  She wasn't running a fever, but she does have the tail end of a cold.  She has been dealing really well with the cold.  Just wondering what brought up last night. Ideas?

Re: Tough Night Last night Please help

  • No she is laying in her little chair babbling and happy!  She did sleep last night just on our chest!

  • Could it be an ear infection?  Will she let you touch her ears?  My pedi mentioned that babies can sometimes get ear infections if they have a cold - their sinuses drainget backed up. 

     Maybe she is teething? 

    Hope you have a better day today. 

  • We were up all night with you, screaming and teething.  Same thing, dd wouldn't sleep unless she was on my chest, so the living room couch was where we slept the night before.  My pedi told me that she'll pull on her ears when teething too, because the pain might radiate all the way up her jaw.  Thank goodness I don't remember teething, it sounds so horrible.  Good luck for tonight!!
  • You poor guys!  If she's happy now I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Probably teething or phantom gas pains.  If she continues to not be herself I'd call the pedi to rule out ear infection.  GL!
  • Thanks everyone! Thank god we don't remember teething because it seems so painful.  She isn't tugging on her ears at all and she will let me touch her ears. I touched her gums and I don't feel any teeth!  Let's pray tonight is a better night, but today at work is going to be so looooong!
  • Sorry you had a bad night.  I was in the same boat, with the exception that I was lucky enough for her to sleep in the swing so that I could stretch out on the sofa.

    Every time we tried to lay her down, she would start crying hysterically.  She usually just fusses and whines at bedtime, so I knew something wasn't right.  She's not running a fever, but is super congested and has a nasty hacking cough deep in her chest.  Now I'm just sitting here waiting for the pedi's office to open, and finally got her in her crib about an hour ago.  No going in to work for me.

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