What's the deal with Synagis??

We have gotten the approval, but haven't gotten the shot yet and they said they would start in November! What is the deal?! Anyone else have this issue???

Re: What's the deal with Synagis??

  • With my pediatrician, we had to call every week (starting in Oct.) to see if they were giving synagis shots yet, based on whether or not RSV was in the area. Apparently they had no system of notifying patients when to come in for the first shot, so a nurse told me to keep calling. Maybe you should call and check. We ended up getting our first shot Nov. 1st.
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  • You are probably really going to have to stay on your pedi's office about the shot.  I had to call every month and remind the office to order the shot and then I had to call again when it was supposed to be in and schedule an appointment.  It was a HUGE pain.  Then in January we had to resubmit that we were still approved so that they would order the shot that month.
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  • ugh, supposedly we are still waiting for approval..but yes, we were supposed to get the shot 11/1 too
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  • My son go the Synagis shot for a little over a year 2 rounds. The shot is administered in cycles so its not year round it is about 4-5 months then a couple off and back on again if it is need. My son got them it broke my heart to make him get a shot everymonth and 2 when he got bigger but he NEVER got sick. All my friends term babies were having breathing issuse and getting RSV and I never even had a scare thank god. Synagis is a shot to avoid contracting RVS (Respiratory syncytial virus ). If you ask me well worth it but sad. But the postive outweigh the negitives. I also didn't have the problems with my Pedi's office; there was a special Synagis nurse that administered his shot and i didn't have to cordinate with the office just her.

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  • we just got the shot yesterday. Once i received the letter from the insurance company that i was approved, they ended up calling to me say that I had to verbally approve to have the shots sent to the drs office, and to pay my copay...once I did that, they sent the shots to the office, and then the drs called me to schedule the appt to come in. 
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  • My pedi was our advocate to get the Synagis shot, but it's administered by a home health nurse that comes around once a month.  We've already had one, and he's scheduled for his 2nd this coming Friday.  The HH nurse said it was vital to make sure that he received it every 28-30 days (much like birth control), or there could be a lapse in its effectiveness.
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