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Visiting from 3rd Tri - Diapers?

Hello ladies, hope you and your little ones are doing great.

I want to know how many diapers I need to have ready at home by the time the baby is born? and what size should I buy most diapers for the first month of life?

Can you recommend which diapers are best for you? 

Thank you!! 

Re: Visiting from 3rd Tri - Diapers?

  • I bought one pack of Newborn diapers and then I went out and bought more later on. I use the pampers swaddlers and have had really good luck with them.

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  • I use Pampers and started with Newborns.  I moved up to size 1 after 1 month, but honestly could have probably continued using Newborn but I had run out and had 1's waiting.   

    My nephew skipped newborn and went to size 1.  So it really depends.


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  • I used Seventh Generation diapers and love them. We haven't had any leaks or problems with them, they are a little more expensive but they are eco-friendly and that was something important to us.

    DD was in newborn size until about 4 days ago. I went through about a pack of 40 a week. She is size 1 now. It all depends on the size of your LO though. DD was 7lbs 10oz when she was born.

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  • I recommend NOT stocking up at all.  Just have on hand what you will need for a week or so (small pack of newborn and size 1).  We used pampers swaddlers on DS #1 and they worked great.  We had to go through about 3 or 4 different kinds of diapers before we found what worked best for DS #2.  Had we stocked up at all we would have been stuck with (or trying to return/exchange) a bunch of diapers we didnt like.
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  • I agree with mlc92404, don't go overboard. I was convinced my baby was going to be a BIG baby. LO was born 21 days early, and was in preemies (which I had one pack of miracle of miracles), after that she graduated to Newborn Swaddlers. She is 1 wk, 1 mo. and STILL in Newborns. This is her 2nd case of 240, and she went through about 40 preemies, and 80 additional newborns. There is no way of telling what you will need.

    I was given TONS of size 1's @ my shower so when she finally does move up I don't have to worry about buying them.

  • I would only get a small pack of newborns and size ones.  Every baby is different so you won't know until LO arrives.  I really like Pampers Swaddlers for my DD.
  • Love Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive (newborn size). I had bought several packs of Target brand Up and Up and took them back, hated them!
  • We use Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive with the wetness indicator line in size 1.  LO was 8.5 lbs when born & the newborn size was too small off the bat (we had huggies, pampers, & up and up in NB size.  Ugh.)  Luckily the hospital sent us home with a pack of size 1 swaddlers.
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