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should I call the doc?

Ok, here's what's been going on. LO threw up pretty close to her whole 8oz bottle on Thursday night. She had been pretty worked up with crying, so I thought that might be the cause. She didn't sleep good at all that night. Friday morning, she woke up with a fever of 101.5. I gave her some tylenol and it went down. She wasn't herself that day. Tired, cranky, etc. She woke up again Friday night, threw up (not as much) and then screamed and cried on and off for probably an hour. DH was pumping her legs and rubbing her belly, so we figured it was gas keeping her up. She had had a few spoonfuls of a smoothie and I also figured it was the milk in it that may have upset her stomach. Yesterday she seemed fairly back to normal. She did throw up a tiny bit, but she had just ate and I was holding her around her belly. Slept pretty good last night, not throwing up, only woke up once. Today she seemed in a better mood for the most part. Spit up a little, but again, had just ate and I was holding her around her belly. Well now, she looks like she's getting a little rash on her head. She keeps scratching and rubbing her head like it's itchy. The only thing I can think MIGHT be the cause is she's got a sheet on her bed that's never been washed. All the puking caused us to have to change sheets quite a bit. Lol. So my question is, should I call the doc? I feel like I can come up with reasons why these little things keep happening, but I hate to let it go and have it be more serious. Would you call?

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