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24 weeks and my back pain is unbearable...

Idk what to do. I can hardly walk and its preventing me from getting my job done at work. Tylonal doesn't help even a little, but I'm not fond of taking any meds anyways. Its been bad through out my entire pregnancy, but its just getting worse and worse. What should I do? Anyone else experiencing this?? I never had this when I was pregnant with my son, does it make a difference where I'm having a girl?

Re: 24 weeks and my back pain is unbearable...

  • I go to a chiropractor once a week to help with my back pain.  Or maybe you could try a prenatal massage?  I'm seriously considering that myself!  Hope it gets better fo ryou!



  • mine is worse this time around too, but idk what i'm having yet. getting on my hands and knees and rounding my back up then down helps a little, but it's hard to find relief and i wind up using a heating pad a lot.
  • I have been having alot of back pain as well, I have scoliosis so this totally isn't helping so I feel your pain. I agree with the others, I go to my sports therapist/chiropractor for massage which helps, also try some Yoga and stretching. For me its sitting at my desk all day that totally irritates this. I hope you get some relief!
  • Can you schedule a prenatal massage?

    The stretch a pp suggested is a good one: the Cat-Cow Series. Here's a link to a demo: http://yoga.about.com/od/yogasequences/ss/catcow.htm

    My pilates instructor adds a third stretch to the series where you start with a neutral spine position and then bend at the waist while on all fours -- right shoulder towards right foot, center, then left shoulder to left foot, back to center. When you bend it stretches the opposite side's hip muscle, which feels wonderful.

    You might also want to try stretching your hip flexors: http://www.exrx.net/Stretches/HipFlexors/KneelingHipFlexor.html



  • I got a lumbar support pillow for work and it's helping a lot.  I also plan to get a massage every once in a while.
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  • I have a chiropractor appointment on Thursday for lower back/sacral pain.  My midwife recommended one that specializes in prenatal care.  She is certified in the Webster technique (gentle treatment for pregnancy).  I am really hoping this helps my back pain.  Maybe you could find one in your area.
  • I've been bedridden the past few days cause its been so bad.  Dr wants to put me on tylenol with codeine but I don't wanna do that its not the safest and it makes me REALLY sick.  I've been using heat wraps, massages from the hubby and just laying down as much as I can helps.
  • I haven't been having bad back pain, but bad pain in my pelvic/pubic area. My doctor suggested I buy and wear a maternity support belt. I think it would help a lot for people with back pain - the verdict's still out how it's helping me with my pain.
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