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F/U to last night's wwyd?

stbxh hasn't seen LO#1 in over a month and the last visit he arranged he didn't show. Which urks me.... Then there's the fact that he is unable to keep jobs. We've been seperated for a year and he has bought LO#1 ONE outfit that's too big- and he took lo#1 with him - and LO#2 and outfit too small - didn't ask for a size and based it on age... Anyways. We had things kinda lined up, I vetoed the shopping and lunch trip and sugested park in the morning and return for lunch since he seemed pretty determined to see his sick LO. He asked what time he should come by and I respond with a time and see you with a support cheque... Guess who cancelled the visit because LO should rest... I've never asked for support from him before but I'm sick of him coming and going as he pleases. Yes I know support and access are 2 seperate issues, and part of me knew that would happen. But I don't care! I'm going to continue to ask for support when he asks to see LOs. Flame if you want, I'm not withholding the kids. Its his choice to not see them

Re: F/U to last night's wwyd?

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