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How did you find LO's name?

Although we liked more unique names for a girl it seems we are going more towards traditional and non-traditional names when naming DS. On the 2 hour car ride home Yesterday we went through a ton of names and NONE of them we liked. Im a little worried to be honest. We got home and looked at the top 100 baby names for boys and we had thought of at least 75% of those on the ride and then about 100 more that weren't on there! How did you have the most luck finding names that were even in the running for your LO?
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Re: How did you find LO's name?

  • For DS we went with family names. He is named after DH's grandfather, father and DH himself.

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  • DH and I both made a list of names we liked over the first couple months of pregnancy.  When we were ready, we read each other one name off the list at a time and either said 'keep' or 'no way'.  We widdled our way down the lists and ended up with a name :o) It was one of the names we had both had on our lists. it worked well for us!

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  • He was really sweet when we found out we were pregnant. I made a huge list at work on day and we sat down over dinner to hash them out. For every name I had, he'd thought of one or countered it.

    We disagreed on most until I came to Katherine. He hated the spelling but neither of us knew one memorable or had one in our family. He chose the spelling Kathryn and I got the middle name, Adelle (my Grandmother's name).

  • I actually first discovered his name in a book I read.

    But when it came to deciding between us I went to a baby names website and went through every letter of the alphabet for both boys and girls and wrote down all the names I liked.  I made a list of my top 5, told H to do the same and then we came together.  

    Yes, making that first list was time consuming, but the best way.  

    His middle name is my H's first name.  

  • I looked up names all of my first trimester and would bounce them off my DH constantly. He liked very few boy names and when I bounced Everett off of him he just said maybe. We both liked Gabriel, but I liked the meaning of Everett more and my DH liked that it wasn't popular. I had originally met an Everett a few years ago and liked the name. My DS's middle name is my DH's first name. I suggested it, my DH just said maybe, but we never discussed a different one again.
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  • DH and I have had a boys name picked out for probably the six years we've been married, but we could never agree on a girls name.  Found out we were having a girl at 19 weeks, couldn't agree on a name until 28 weeks :) We ended up buying the 100,001 plus babyname book and literally went through every single one.  We made a list of names we didn't hate and then kept crossing them off one by one. 
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  • We didn't talk about names at all while I was pregnant. That is, except for a conversation about names we could never imagine using for a child. One of those names was "Herman". We started using that to refer to baby because we were Team Green.

    Anyway, after baby was born, DH announced "It's a boy!" To which I said," It is a Herman." So that's how he got his nickname.

    As for his name, once he was here I asked DH if he wanted to use either his first or middle name as part of baby's name. He said it would be nice to use his mn as baby's mn. So then we just needed a first name. I had a list of names that I liked. We went through them and found one we both liked. So we spent a few hours calling baby that name.

    Then we were cuddling with baby, and at the same time we looked at each other and said "He doesn't look like an S. He looks like a J. (DH's middle name)." So he got DH's middle name as his fn.

    We then went through DH's family tree to find a mn. (We didn't have a baby book.) It ended up being a name that had been on my list, but crossed off because I didn't like it enough for a fn, and didn't think DH would like it!

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  • We we going to go with Sophia, we had it picked out way before we even got pregnant, but the whole pregnancy I just didn't feel like it was her name.  I accually found the name we used on the bump.  One woman posted a thread about how she just loved the name Gracyn (for a girl) and how she was mad about how someone "stole" it from her.  Well I loved it so much we used it for our daughter.
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  • I made a list of names that I liked for a boy or a girl and then DH vetoed a lot of them. Then we looked through lists of names from the 1800s through 1930s (we wanted an older name) and settled on some we both liked. We knew a boy would have middle name Lars because it's family tradition.

    We chose Jonas Lars for a boy (and later found out that Jonas is a family last name on DH's side as well, so if we have a boy next this name is still my favorite!) and Elise Austen for a girl because Elise is the middle name for several women on DH's side and Austen is for Jane Austen because we both like that author and DH was dead set against any normal middle names like Marie (mine btw), Ann, Jane, or Christine.

     We also went to a site that trended name popularity and ruled out the most popular names on our list. I grew up with a lot  of classmates with my name, heard my name in stores all the time, and the personalized pencils were never in stock and I hated that so I wanted our child's name to be unique.


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  • All of my lo's are named after the great state of Texas! DS1 Austin Troy middle name was picked from the movie face off DH picked. DS2 Trenton Gage middle name picked after a little boy we tried to adopt but was unsuccessful. DD1 Mason Priscilla middle name after GMA the kids Great Gma because she is the one that we love and recpect the most.
  • I was obsessed with Bruce Willis movies during my pregnancy. Korben was from the Fifth Element. After a little research, Corbin made our list and outlasted the others. MN is after DH's late uncle.

    Next time if it's a girl we are using Daphne. It's pretty, unique, and not made up.

    I looked everywhere for names, tv, end credits at movies, newspapers, anywhere. Parents connect website was a big help. It told you possible ways the name could get made fun of. That helped eliminate a lot. GL!

  • With Ds1 I want his middle name to be the family name aswell as with Ds2. But with first names we threw alot out there for ds1. I didn't want a reg heard name (ie alex, Jon, etc) so alot of names were threw out there. Then I said jackson oneday and my hb was like ok ( his fab show main personnis named jax so) and funny thing is Jaxson is a family name too. With ds 2 we gave a name book to my mom and she liked the name Cole so the name stuck. The name u like will keep coming to mind and if it does that means it's the right name!!
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  • Our girls' name came from our short list from dd#2.  I wanted dd#1 and #2 to have names that ended with the same sound, so that name was dropped.  This time around I really didn't care, when I brought up the name to dh he instantly loved it.

    I got her middle name from watching a tv show on E!, it was something like the 50 most famous child actors or some such.  (I spent a LOT of time watching tv during my miserable pregnancy - lol)

    Our boy name - that we didn't use- was the name I've loved since before I met dh 19 years ago.  It's never changed - just the middle name which may have been another biblical name or his dad's name:

    Michael Thomas or Michael Todd

    male twins would have been Michael and Gabriel - love those angels hehehe 

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