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hummm... thats weird

So me and LO spent the day at my in-laws and i put lo down for a nap he had been asleep for about 2 hours, I normally sleep when he takes this nap b/c h is deployed and calles me at about midnight and ill talk to him for a good hour. Anywho I ended up dosing off and woke up about 15mins later to my LO screaming bloody murder and my MIL changing him....

A. I hate her and do not like it when she changes him/feeds him.... pretty much all I let her do is hold him.

B. When I went and got him he went back to sleep... maybe she woke him up?

C. Im so stinkin mad at myself for dosing off. ugh

Re: hummm... thats weird

  • I hate my mother in law too! LOL Luckily she has no interest in my daughter and has only seen her twice in three months. I let her feed the baby once and she threw up! She never does that! She also believes I should be feeding my daughter rice and beans!!! Needless to say my daughter will NEVER be alone with her, nor her and my husband cause of course he thinks his mom knows best!
  • i got confused lol
    just get married
  • It sounds like she woke him up. If he was stiring before that, you would have heard it, yea? My daughter makes a peep and I'm wide awake out of a dead sleep. My daughter only screams during a change when she isn't expecting it either... 

    I would let it go. I know it is super difficult to watch someone else with your baby. I've watch my mother try to get her to sleep when I know my daughter is hungry. She refused to listen to what I said because "she has experience and I don't". At least that's what I was told. It took about two months for my mom to realize I'm by her side 24/7 when not working and know what she needs, ect. So far, I've only had to deal with my own parents. My ILs are 10 states away but in March, we'll be visiting. I can hardly wait... >.<  I just know how over bearing my FIL will be. Probably trying to throw her around at 7 months and hold her upside down until she pukes.

    You are sleep deprived. Period. You can't be upset at yourself for being comfortable enough there to nod off. It sounds like you at least trusted her enough not to mess with LO while he was sleeping. :( I'm sorry that happened. The good news is that he won't remember it?

    Hopefully DH will be back soon also! Mine is prior Navy and I know it's hard. Best of luck to you. **Hugs**  :D 

    Also, LOVE the sig pic on the right where he's smiling. How freaking adorable! <3

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