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Christmas gifts for 0-3 month old...

What are you or have you bought for your 0-3 month old baby?

I am really struggling because our DD will be 3 months at this time. She won't really be able to play with toys.

I am thinking of getting her items to use later. The 2nd dilemma is that we already have many many baby toys from our first DD, so she really doesn't need any new ones.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Do I get her things that are useful- clothes, bibs, etc? Or the baby monitor that we need?


Re: Christmas gifts for 0-3 month old...

  • N will be 4 months by christmas and i want to get him one of those "johnny jumpers".. We dont (and he doesnt) really NEED anything..
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  • I would get her the useful things you need. We got DD her convertible carseat for later. I did also pick up some books for her and a Christmas ornament. I have even heard of someone wrapping up wipes. I guess I would feel weird/bad if we didn't have any "presents" under the tree for her. So wrapping up practical things seems like a good idea; gonna have to buy those things anyway.
  • I think we'll probably get a toy or two that can be used when she gets a little older and a few books. She is our first, so we don't have many toys she can use in the future.
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  • I'm not getting our DD anything. She will have no idea, and other people are going to be getting her so much (we have large families) that I really don't want to have too much stuff.

    Since she won't remember, I'd say get the thing that you need. 

  • We are getting her an exersaucer and her high chair and clothes... its not really for her but for "us" this first christmas we are also getting her an ornament to start her collection but thats it.
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  • We aren't getting anything.  We'll buy things at a later time, when he "gets it" Besides his grandparents will buy enough.  Otherwise we will just bring out hand me downs from his older brother.
  • I bought a few small toys so that there would be pictures of her with santa present pictures. I didn't want her to look at pics when she's 5 and ask why santa didn't know where she was when she was a baby. My DH thinks I'm nuts...and I probably am! LOL
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  • My DD will be 4 months for Christmas, but I have an ornament to start that tradition, and I will maybe get her some things that she will be able to use before her first birthday.  I was thinking of getting her some pretend cloth food, some headbands (because she needs more of those... lol), some more rattles, but also some practical things as well.  I think I already have wooden blocks I picked up for cheap (I may save for next year), and some cute books.  DD is the only child, and the first grandbaby on either side, so I'm sure what we cheap out on... they will make up for.
    I was hoping I could convince DH that we should get her a really nice DSLR camera because she would want me to take more pictures of her.  I don't think that will work though.
  • I'm getting DD Sophie the giraffe, a vibrating teether, a 3 month knit hat, possibly some leg warmers, books, and a stacking ring set. I'm telling the grandparents to get her 6 month toys.

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  • Lurking!  DD is 5 months now and is really started to get interested in toys last month so if you don't have anything, I'd pick a couple small ones up.  My LO is in LOVE with Sophie, Leapfrog Spin & Sing Alphabet zoo and small crinkle books.  

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  • We asked family to just contribute to her college fund this year for Christmas.  She's too little to need toys yet.  We got one or two small toys to wrap and put under the tree just so she had something under there though.
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  • lo will be about 2 months ...we don't really have much money this year...but i  know my parens are buying gifts etc i'm thinking the bumbo seat maybe we don't have yet...some baby soft or cardboard books, clothing,

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  • We are starting a tradition and getting DD her first Disney Stock and getting it framed. Then every Christmas we will contribute to it. I'm asking the grandparents to get her some toys and if they want they can contribute to her college fund. She doesn't need any clothes at all. She has TONS!
  • My LO will be four months the day before Christmas. Mommy and Daddy will be buying her a high chair for Xmas morning so she can try cereal and carrots that day. My husband and I have commited to buying her the Holiday Barbie, winter clothes for a trip up north we're taking, and a dated baby ornament. My parent's bought me the Holiday Barbie every year so I thought it would be fun to continue that at least.

    Grandma and Grandpa and family, ect will take care of the rest. Wrapping diapers/ wipes/ hand-me-downs is a great idea. You'll need it anyway. Besides, what's a better picture than baby is a holiday outfit next to a huge gift just for them? It's wrapped, no one has to know it's a jumbo pack of Pampers.

  • Great ideas! Thanks everyone.

    It is so true that they will not remember, but how sad it would be to look back and not have any pics with gifts. Whether they are diapers, or a small rattle doesn't really matter.

    We are also doing a stocking too, but it will probably be things like ornaments, books, etc.

    Have a great holiday!

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