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baby carriers & c-section mommas?

I am interested in using my baby carrier (and Ergo) but am concerned that wearing my LO at this point will be harder on my ab section then I need right now.

If you had a c-section when did you start to babywear? 


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Re: baby carriers & c-section mommas?

  • I had a c-section and starting wearing DD at about 2 weeks.  I use a Moby at this point and will go to an Ergo once she is a few months old.  Do what is comfortable for you.  I was feeling totally like my old self physically by 2 weeks.
  • I've been kind of bummed because I haven't been able to babywear as much as I wanted to b/c of my c-section. That being said, I have used my Baby Bjorn once. I found that I was still using my hands to support DD and stay more comfortable. I've used my Moby wrap a handful of times and now that I'm getting better at using it, I find it much more comfy than the Baby Bjorn. I usually only wear her for less than an hour.



  • I wore ds in my mt at 2 weeks. 1ht.

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  • My Ergo hits right at my incision so I'm using my Moby for now as it sits a bit higher.  I'm very short with a short torso though.
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  • I've already used my moby wrap-type carrier a few times, but mostly for when I'm snuggling with LO on the couch so that if I doze off we're all good. 

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  • I wore DS really well at about 5 weeks. Around 3 weeks I was able to "sling" him.
  • It really depends on you and how you feel. :)

    I had a section and after a week, I was cleaning the house again (light chores) and could carry her in our front carrier. I felt perfectly fine. A friend of mine had a section last year and she couldn't do anything for about eight weeks. She was miserable and took so long to recover. Couldn't even carry her boy around because nine pounds (at 8 weeks) was too much for her.

    There are extreme cases but about two weeks is when you're able to drive again and at least feel "normal" again.


  • I started using the Hotsling & my woven wrap at 2wks PP.  I don't think I would have been comfortable with the Ergo that early on, just because the waist band is thick & stiff.  But, if you're comfy in it, I don't see any reason not to.
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  • I'm planning on trying out my Rockin' Baby Pouch today, but it sits up pretty high.  I just want to try it out and probably won't really use it much for another week or so.


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