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Baby hides from DH

The baby was practicing his karate moves last night for a good 20 minutes. I had my hand on my stomach and he kicked so hard, my hand moved. I call DH in to see if he can feel it. He presses his freezing cold hands on my stomach and the baby immediately stops. He was disappointed, but I was already thinking ahead to the days when I actually want the kid to stop tap dancing. All I have to do is have DH touch my belly!
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Re: Baby hides from DH

  • I've heard that baby often hides from dad and other family members because of their voice.

    They're so used to hearing mom and feeling her movements that they dance around like normal but when dad and other siblings are close enough that they're trying to feel movement the baby stops to focus on their voice because it's different.

    How much truth there is to that I don't know but I've noticed if I just quietly reach over for H's hand and put it on my belly he feels more than if I tell him to come quick to feel her move and he's talking while we sit together.

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  • this happens to me too and the voice thing makes sense. I'm gonna have hubby sneak up on me and feel next time his hands are nice and warm!!

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  • image Hyfagal:

    I've heard that baby often hides from dad and other family members because of their voice.

    They're so used to hearing mom and feeling her movements that they dance around like normal but when dad and other siblings are close enough that they're trying to feel movement the baby stops to focus on their voice because it's different.

    How much truth there is to that I don't know but I've noticed if I just quietly reach over for H's hand and put it on my belly he feels more than if I tell him to come quick to feel her move and he's talking while we sit together.

    I've heard this before too, and I think it is especially so with a man's voice. I've found with myself that I tend to tense up (trying to hold still) when DH tries to feel, which maybe restricts the movement a bit?


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  • I've had the same thing happen to me and DH. As soon as DH puts his hand on my belly, the baby immediately stops. But we've had a lot of luck if DH uses the back of his hand (instead of the palm). Not sure what the difference is, but it seems to work.
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  • LO used to stop moving all the time when DH would put his hand on my belly.  MIL suggested I put my hand on my belly more when she moves around so she gets used to having a hand there so I've done that & I think it helped some.  The cold hand probably didn't help much with you!  I never thought of the sound of DH's voice causing her to freeze up, but that totally makes sense.
  • At 21 weeks our kickboxer lets me know when he's uncomfortable, but he's shy around dad. I think that Dad's voice and touch are just so calming to me, that kickboxer calms down too. Soon enough people will be able to see our little soccer player kick and squirm!
  • i thought it was just me!  i'm anxiously looking forward to feeling major kicks so DH can share. i can sometimes feel little bumps from the outside now, but she goes totally quiet when he comes over.  he felt one or two last week though the same day i felt her from the outside for the first time.  nothing for him since then!  it's funny though babies DO NOT kick for me.  ever.  ever ever ever.  no matter who invites me to try to feel a kick, no one.  now that tehse babise are all on the outside though, all they want is to be held and played with by me :)
  • I had the opposite! The baby for a long while would ONLY kick for my hubby and me! If someone else touched my belly he would freeze. My hubby spends a lot of time talking to my belly and plays songs from his iphone for my belly. He touches it a lot. He has from the beginning. So maybe that has something to do with it???  Then our little guy met his Auntie Jenny (my sister in law lives far away so we dont see her often. She came up for our shower) She talked to my belly in a higher voice (she also has an 8 month old) And he went crazy for her! She was the first person besides the hubby, myself, and our doctor that he moved for. She was thrilled. So I guess our little guy is picky about the voices he responds to! LOL He has his favorites already. Lil booger!
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  • My husband spoke to my belly everyday with both my kids. Just little things like good morning baby and good night. Both of them responded to his voice after birth. Maybe your hubby can start talking to your belly and the baby won't hide from him and will know him once the baby's born!
  • LO loves to move for DH. Its so cute - when DH puts his hand on my stomach, this child actually moves around to be closer to DH. I think that means DH will have the magic touch w/the baby (or at least that's what I keep telling him... LOL)
  • My LO does just the opposite.  She gets very excited every time Daddy comes home and comes over to visit her.  It's fun to see that they have different reactions even now =). 
  • At the beginning DH had a hard time feeling our son kicking around, but now he's able to feel him moving as easily as anything. He also started talking to him from the moment I told him that baby was able to start distinguishing sounds, I think this really helped a lot. It also helps that DH's hands are always much warmer than mine. Baby likes to migrate to the warmest part of my belly, so that happens to be where ever DH's hand is at the moment, lol! I've started to notice more now (at the very end because we're almost 37 weeks) that our son LOVES lots of noises and moves more around noise then when it's quiet. So if I'm in a large group of women who are all chatting away, he goes crazy, it's like he's trying to show off. OR, if I'm talking to a few of the guys from church, he goes crazy too. Baby LOVES the sound of men's voices and moves more often when DH, my brother or some guy talks to him than if someone of the the female gender speaks on her own, lol!
  • Baby boys LOVES it when Daddy talks.

    The other night a friend wanted to feel the baby kick..and he had been moving. So I told her put a hand on either side of my belly.  She did and baby stopped moving..so I told Dad to come over. He started talking and there came the kicks/punches again.


    He has always moved when Daddy talks and I love that!!


  • My baby seems to be kicking a whole lot more now.  It sometimes gets uncomfortable but it's still very amazing.  My husband is always talking to my belly and she responds a lot to him.  Last night he placed his head on my belly and was talking to her about taking her shopping and she immediately started kicking up a storm.  I guess he said the magic words.  I few days ago I placed my phone on my belly and he was talking to her and she kicked so hard it hung up the phone.  I thought I was imagining things but it really happened. 

  • My experience was the complete opposite. Our son will respond to DH's voice more than mine. He already loves his daddy :) We were trying to let the MIL feel and of course Bryce stopped moving the second her hand touched my stomach, so DH started talking to Bryce and he just started kicking up a storm. I cannot wait to see the father-son interaction when Bryce is finally here.
  • We've had the same thing happen!  I'd like to think that DH is super-calming to me and "Fin" instead of baby being afraid.  Last night was one of the first times the DH really got to feel him roll and kick.  Baby has no quelms about performing for my sister though!  He must know who's planning on spoiling him the most...
  • I had the opposite experience too.  Whenever he heard DH he would move towards his hand and start moving around more.  He did the same for our dogs - if they laid on my lap, the baby would move over to where the dogs were.  I swear though, if I just thought about the baby he'd start moving around, even if I didn't talk.
  • same here when my dog would sit in my lap dd would kick the dog. when it came to dh at first he couldn't feel her but then he would stop talking to my belly and got to feel her more.
  • Try having him warm up his hands first.  They say to put a cold compress on the area if the baby is on your sciatic nerve or somewhere uncomfortable.  The cold makes baby move away.  I hope this helps  :) 
  • I have the reverse. lol the sound of dh's voice makes her go into overdrive with her kicks and i think punches lol. although she stops as soon as his hand is placed there haha.
  • With me it seems to be the same, only his hand is not cold.  I am starting to think it is because then I say, "give me your hand" and the baby stops because she hears my voice.  I think I may try to be as relaxed as possible and just put his hand there. 

  • Don't be too down about it, your still rather early and your baby is just starting to perfect those karate chops. My baby girl did that same time for several weeks. She would move and kick for me all the time but you bring in a stranger and she would hide. It is just because the noises they are making are unfamiliar is all. If your DH talks to your baby regularly or even just talks to you a lot your baby will begin to warm up to him. After a while, our little girl would kick my DH all the time, even excitedly so as if maybe she missed him : ) Don't be shocked if she never kicks others, mine very rarely did. A tip - don't announce her movement she can hear and sense your change in mood and will stop. Act calm and motion for whomever to come feel very lightly so they don't notice the watchful hand upon them.
  • My daughter did that all the time...whenever i would get my hubby to try to feel her kick she would stop....but she's absolutly in love with her dad....enjoy this time thats special between the 2 of you....DH will have his time later....

  • The same thing happened to me for a long time. LO would be kicking up a storm, and I would call DH over, and as soon as he got near, she would stop kicking. You start feeling like people think you're a liar after a while. Haha!
  • I'm dealing with the same thing.  Yay for us though...we're due on the same day!!!
  • Ha! Mine was so similar.  Except, he had no qualms about moving for DH, it was my friends that he acted shy around.  I would call them over when he was really kicking hard and as soon as they placed their hands on my belly, he stopped.  Now, DS is 20 weeks old and he moves and kicks and babbles constantly.  But when someone other than me or DH is around, he will flash them a huge grin and play shy and just watch them.  It could just be a coincidence, but it seems like his little personality was already developing in the womb...
  • Its not just me.. ok. Everytime I put my fiance's hand on my belly she stops moving... and she moves so much now that you can see my belly move. He talks to her a lot and she kicks while he is talking but when his hand is on the belly she wont move. I dont know when he will get to feel her.
  • I have found it does not matter who it is, if their hands are even the slightest bit cold he stops moving. When DH comes home from work at night he comes into the room and starts talking and LO starts going crazy lol. And when we are cudding DH puts his hand on my belly. As long as it is warm, LO moves more for him than me LOL. I think he can actually hear his ddy's watch tick. LO also loves when my dog lays her head on my belly. He goes crazy then too and my dog falls asleep to it. lol

  • That isn't very uncommon and our baby did the same thing for a LONG time.  It was sad, my best friend came over and the baby was kicking and kept kicking for minutes while she got to feel all the jabs but my husband and mother weren't given the chance for probably another month later.  The further along you are the less shy the baby will be, if it is anything like our little soccer star.
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