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Your favorite swaddler...

I'm lurking from 3rd tri...and just wondering what's been your experience with swaddling?  Do you have a favorite brand or blanket?  I am looking at the "miracle blanket" and just wondering what other's reccommend!


Re: Your favorite swaddler...

  • My DD would always kick off her blankets so I got her the SwaddleMe from Wal Mart and I both of us absolutely loved it.  And it's only $15!!!
  • I like the Swaddleme brand.  LO has never got out of it. 
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  • My DD isn't a fan of being swaddled the traditional way as she prefers to have her hands up by her face. I swaddle her in a thermal blanket with her hands up by her face and then I also use a SwaddleMe over top of the thermal blanket. This ensures she doesn't wiggle her arms completely loose most of the time and she can still suck on her hand if she wants to in her sleep.

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  • I loved the swaddle sleep sacks with DD#1.

    I love the miracle blanket with this baby.

  • Another vote for the swaddle me.. just ordered a fleece one in a large now that he is bigger and its getting colder :)
  • There's a video on YouTube on an "Escape Free Swaddle". I recommend you look for it.We use this technique under her swaddles b/c she's an escape artist!

    I recommend Aiden and Anais blankets and the summer swaddle products. We like both the one with the zipper and the velcro.  The bad thing about the velcro, is that if you don't use the "escape free" technique, she gets her hands free below the velcro and starts to lift the whole top half of the swaddle up.

    I never tried the miracle blanket, but probably should have!

  • I love the miracle blanket! It is the best and easiest swaddling blanket I've used, and we've tried a bunch. DD could break free from the tightest swaddle using regular blankets (unless we swaddled her twice with two blankets, but it's been too hot here for that lately) and also could get out of the SwaddleMe blanket in no time. The miracle blanket helps her sleep better and she loves it too. 
  • Not a fan of the swaddleme bc of the Velcro. Love love miracle blankets!!! We have two incase she leaks at night. We also love our Aden and anais...we don't swaddle w them but I still love them just as blankets!
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  • I have Halo sleep sacks, a Swaddle Me and a couple of the Miracle Blankets and the Miracle Blankets are my favorite right now.  Our Swaddle me is fleece and DD seems to get so hot in it.  She can usually wiggle an arm or two out of it too.  The miracle blanket is a light, soft material, but it keeps DD plenty warm.  She's rarely able to get an arm out and seems to really sleep well in it.  I also like that there is no velcro- it makes washing less of a hassle.  I still like the swaddle me and sleep sacks... just not as much.  I plan to use the sleep sacks (without the swaddle feature) when DD is over being swaddled. 

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  • I love the swaddlers that you get from nordstrom. I only have four but they are well worth the price
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  • Definently the miracle blanket

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  • We love the Miracle Blanket, as we have a ninja as a child. Get two---like a PP said, it's hard to find time to wash it so it'll be dry in time for the next nap.
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  • My favorite are the Aiden and Anais muslin blankets.  I didn't think I would like them when I got them, but they have become my favorites.  You can get them from and I think some Target stores are carrying them now.  I don't like the Swaddle Me blankets because the velcro is annoying when you are changing them.  It sticks to everything, it feels scratchy and it is noisy. 
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  • The Aden + Anais blankets are the best if you want to use an actual blanket.  We only use them during the day for naps.  We use the Summer SwaddleMe at night and it has been great so far.  They are $10 at BRU.  DD hasn't been able to sneak an arm out yet and they really help her sleep longer and keep her nice and warm.
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