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No growth ultrasound?

I was at my Dr. on Tuesday and asked if I would be having any more ultrasounds as we get closer to my due date. He said not unless he sees any signs of trouble. I see a lot of posts on here about growth ultrasounds and I was wondering if it is normal to NOT have a growth ultrasound? It seems he'll gauge the baby's size based on how I'm measuring.

Any insight would be much appreciated -- thank you!

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Re: No growth ultrasound?

  • My OB doesn't do any late u/s unless there is something way off with the external measurements or a good chance baby is breech.
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  • I only had one because my DD was big.  They wanted to see if this LO will be as big or bigger.

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  • I had one yesterday but only because I was measuring 3 weeks behind and she wanted to know if everything was good.....which it is.

    Not everyone gets one unless they see a valid concern like a baby measuring too small or really big.

  • Okay, all those reasons make sense! I'm apparently measuring right on target so no need for him to be concerned (which I'm perfectly fine with!). 

    Thank you all for your help!

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  • I got one with DS at 38 weeks, but this time the dr said I don't need one because I'm having a repeat c/s (I had an emergency c/s with DS so he wanted to see how big he was because I was supposed to go vaginally) so it doesn't really make a difference if she's too big since she's not coming out that way anyway.
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  • Be glad you are measuring on track. I have another growth u/s next week since I am measuring about 3 weeks too small.

    I would much rather be measuring perfectly than getting growth u/s. 

  • My doctor wouldn't have done one if I haven't been having issues with my thyroid. He wanted to check her growth and I am glad he did because we found that I have excess amniotic fluid which can be a problem. I now go for u/s's every week and may have to deliver early.
  • I just got back from an u/s at 36 weeks cause my baby was thought to be breech, which u/s showed baby is head down!  However...I'm not measuring more than 1/2 - 1 week a head via measuring tape....my U/S measured baby's head at 39 weeks!!!  and 7 1/2 lbs.  weight, i'm not so worried about cause it could be wrong...but i can't imagine the head is wrong. eeek!  it's going to be a long 6 days til my next doc appt!
  • My doctor usually only does the anatomy scan and that's it. I have growth ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks because the baby is measuring below the 5th percentile for size and they want to make sure she keeps growing at a good rate.

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  • I just got scheduled for my first one yesterday, because I'm measuring about 2 1/2 weeks ahead, and they couldn't get a good read on which way the baby is laying.  My MW didn't seem worried about anything, but said we just "check in" on LO. 
  • I wont be having another u/s unless its medically indicated.  Growth doesnt fall under that category because those u/s can be off by +/- 2lbs on average.

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  • My doc said that unless you are considered high risk they won't give you another ultrasound after the 20th week one because insurance will not pay for it, as it is not "medically necessary".

    I talked her into requesting one -- my belly had grown only one inch rather than the usual two -- and we managed to get one last week, at 34 weeks. Turns out the baby is pretty big and I have nothing to worry about. It was awesome to see his little face too! At Hopkins the girls always give me the 3Ds for free!

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  • I've been having growth ultrasounds every 2 weeks only because he is measuring small (he went from 50th percentile to 36th to 16th.) This week's ultrasound will determine if we have to deliver him early or not because he isn't growing. 
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  • Thank you ladies for all your input! I am sending happy baby growth thoughts for all of you measuring small or big. I appreciate you taking the time to educate this first-timer. :-)
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