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I went to my Anatomy scan this morning, but I have to go back in a week since the baby wouldn't budge and they need to get more measurements.  Since I can't feel my baby kick yet, I don't know its normal schedule.  It probably varies with each baby, but does anyone know if babies are more likely to be more active in the afternoon?  I need to schedule another ultrasound for next week.  I prefer to schedule my appointments at 8 am so I don't miss any work but I don't want to waste my time if the baby isn't going to move at all. 

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  • Mine is usually super active after meals. But I always schedule my appointments for early am. My first ultrasound with this baby was at 18 weeks and I also had to go back because of his positioning. He cooperated the second time about a month later. (My guess is because he was bigger.)
  • Uh oh...now I'm a little worried.  My anatomy scan is scheduled for the 22nd of this month and it's for 8:50 in the morning.  I'll be curious as to what others say.

    Maybe if we wake up a bit earlier and do a little exercise, it would wake baby up a bit more Wink

  • My u/s is tomorrow morning at 8am.  I plan to eat a little something sweet before the scan.  Hopefully, that will get baby moving.  I can feel movement, but its not regular where I would be able to predict the best time for an u/s.
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  • I think it totally depends on the baby. My LO is always way more active in the mornings - especially from about 8:30-10. It's looked like she was having a dance party at our anatomy scan, which was at 9:30. I also get lots of kicks in the late afternoon; around 3-5pm.

    My NT scan was at 1pm and we were in there for over an hour because she would.not.move. and the doctor couldn't get the measurements she needed. They would've had me come back, but my appointment was already scheduled late in the NT scan window.

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  • I haven't felt this baby move yet, but I do know with DS he was very active at night.  It's as if my movement put him to sleep, so when I was winding down for the night that's when he woke up.

    Try drinking a sugary cold drink and eating something sweet a 1/2 hour or hour before to get the baby moving around.

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  • I have not felt my baby move yet, but my NT scan was last Thursday around 9am (scheduled for 8:30, but you know how doctors' offices are!)

    I was told to eat breakfast, so I had a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and the baby was a wiggly one for the first ten minutes or so.  Then the tech had to jiggle it with the ultrasound wand to get it to move. 

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  • I had my NT scan at 8 am also and the baby wasn't moving.  Some walking around the hallway finally did the trick.  This time, two walking trips and a sucker didn't help.  Boo, I wanted to find out the sex of the baby. 
  • Get in some breakfast & a small glass of juice before you head in...about 45 minutes to an hour before your appointment.  At my first one LO was having a dance party inside me & DH was so confused as to how in the world I couldn't feel any of that going on inside me!  She's been a little more calm at more recent ones, and the breakfast + juice hasn't kept the u/s tech from getting any measurements.
  • Heehee, Funny you should mention this... I have mine next week at 7 a.m.!!!! My little one is still usually sleeping at that time... I'll have to see what I can do! I totally forgot about that !!!!Confused
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