Progesterone shots?

If you took progesterone shots who gave them to you? My doctor made me bring someone with me to learn how to do it but my mom (who is a nurse) was too freaked out and didn't want to hurt her daughter. Anyone do it themselves? I might have DH do it.
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Re: Progesterone shots?

  • I thought you could give them to yourself? I would probably have DH do it though lol!
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  • DH has some pretty good fear of needles, I'm sure he'd do it for me if I asked, but I'd probably just do it my self......if I could.
  • I was lucky to have my neighbor (who is a nurse) give them to me.  They would be too hard to give to yourself because of where they need to go.  If your DH feels comfortable with it have them show him how to do it.  My DH gets queasy around needles and wouldn't do it.
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  • I have to do subcutaneous shots for our IF tx and my original plan was to have DH do them....but I just couldn't bring myself to let him! It was soooo much easier to do them myself and now I'm a pro. But I'm pretty sure the subcutaneous shots are easier than the p17 ones. If you're really uncomfortable with it, I know there are nurses who will come to your house (for a fee) to give your shots. 
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  • Can you get suppositories or oral tablets (prometrium)?  That's what I had (they didn't have the shots in Canada)
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  • I have to  take the shot today so DH said he would do it. He said he would have no problem stabbing me with a sharp object...I reminded him I only need one shot at a time :)

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  • I just moved in August, and from 16 weeks to 27 weeks, I had to go in weekly to have a nurse inject them.  They didn't wanna give me a script for it during my move (I had to do suppositories while waiting for my healthcare to work out here) and wouldn't let me do them myself.  From 31-36 weeks at my new doctor, they wrote me the prescription, and I did them myself.  It wasn't so bad, but I did them in my leg and always made myself bleed a lot, which I hated.
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  • Dh gives them to me, but I think I would be fine giving them to myself. 

    I have a friend who had to do them and she would find the spot, and make a circle with a pen where she needed to do the injection.  She would look in the mirror and aim for the circle.  She did this because her dh almost passed out giving her the first injection. 

  • My DH gave them to me this pregnancy from 16-36 weeks.  No problems at all.

    They are NOTHING like subcutaneous shots for IVF.  I did all my own shots for IVF (minus the PIO shots) because it was easier.  But for a 3 inch needle in the bottom (or hip) I can't get the nerve nor the angle right to do them to myself.  I'm not saying that the 17-P shots are more painful (they really aren't painful) but I worry about hitting a nerve or vessel.

    I did have a friend give herself the progesterone shots in her thigh.  That didn't appeal to me either.

  • My OB's office would not let me have someone give them to me at home.  The nurse said they were a deep muscle injection (need to be z-tracked) and a nurse absolutely had to give them. 

     I don't think it is possible to give this shot to your self.  

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  • I am going into the office. I'm a huge wimp. If it isn't too bad, a friend (nurse) may do it for me :)
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  • DH did it for me.  I was terrified, but, truthfully, they didn't hurt very badly.  I've had worst shots in a doctor's office! 
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