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need major advice if you experienced this

Ok. I know that each age has phases. My 3 year old is a great kid, he used the potty and all those things perfect and never gave me a problem. Now I have a huge problem, well at least it is for me...he repeats everything just like every other child in this age but I do not know what else to do because he keeps saying shut up and sh*t. Please help. Timeouts and nothing else works.

Re: need major advice if you experienced this

  • Without stating the obvious, I would definitely make sure everyone in the house stops saying them. 

     Is he in school?  I'd ask his teacher her "catch phrases" for handling the situation.  With my DD I always find rather than telling her she needs to share, I invoke the teacher's rule.  "Mrs. B. says whoever is holding the toy is having their turn.  You may ask for a turn or go find something else," and magically, she gets it. 

    With my DD, silly goes a long away.  I'd probably get in her face and say "UP???!!  Are you sure?  I think you mean shut down." And fold down like a robot.  "How about jump UP! And fall down."  Or maybe I'd get her a shut-up bear, and tell her that she could say that all she wanted to him in private.  Then when she said it, I'd hand her the bear and tell her she wasn't in private and ask her if she wanted to toalk to the bear in her room or the bathroom. 

    I dunno, that's off the top of my head. Susanmoseley is a very smart lady whenit comes to behavior- hopefully she'll pop in for you.  Good luck!

    If I

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  • LOL!  Too funny (I know, not so funny to you!).  Ignore it.  Do your best not to laugh, get mad, or give it any attention.  Ignore it and it will go away eventually
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    Without stating the obvious, I would definitely make sure everyone in the house stops saying them. 


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  • Ignore it, once he is no longer getting any reaction (and he isn't hearing anyone saying it) he will stop

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