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Measuring at 9 weeks vs. 12 weeks

So I had my second ultrasound yesterday.  Based on my LMP my original due date was May 16th.  Based on the measurements they took yesterday, I am only 9 weeks instead of 12.  My due date is now June 7th.  The baby had a strong heartbeat which was a plus!  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Re: Measuring at 9 weeks vs. 12 weeks

  • Yes, with my LMP I would be due way sooner than what the ultrasound showed. I think the early ultrasound I had at 6 weeks is more accurate than my LMP (I don't remember exactly how far they were off, I think about 2 weeks also).

  • Yes, I had about 4 different due dates with my first child.  The earlier the US is done the more accurate the due date I believe.  My final 'official' due date was 12/11 and she was born 12/8.  Are you worried or disappointed with the change in dates?  I would suggest you ask your OB if you are worried.  Could just be a slow growth period, and like you said, strong heartbeat is a good sign. 
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