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So mad at myself!

I'm 10 dpo and poas this morning.  Of course, it's negative.  I wish I would've waited a couple more days.  I have one more stick left and then I'm not buying anymore.  I also think we will stop trying for a couple months.  It's making me crazy!

Re: So mad at myself!

  • Hi, I feel your frustration.. I hate testing at 10dpo and seeing that BFN-UGH!  I also hear you on it making you crazy.. I think we all get this way.. This is our 2nd month of charting/temping-and I have already said that if this month doens't work, we'll keep on trying, but without the charting/temping etc...

     Hang in there though--You're not out till AF shows! There is still hope..

  • Don't be mad at yourself! I'm 12DPO and I've been POAS for the last four days (all BFN). As someone just recently said on here, who cares how many times you POAS! If you want to do it, do it!  That said, we have to suffer the BFN if it's too early. Hang in there!! And don't let all this TTC get you down and make you stop trying. GL!
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  • I always say prepare for the worst because its less disappointing BUT a negative on 10dpo isnt a negative. although not a positive is not a negative its just.. a possibility.  Its possible until AF shows so keep your head up. GL
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