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Baby hates bassinet

Caleb is only a week old, and since we've brought him home, I cannot get him to stay in the bassinet. He fusses everytime I lie him down in it.  I would put him in the crib at night, if he and DD weren't sharing a room. He prefers sleeping next to me. I did Co-sleep w/ DD, but it took us forever to break her and we didn't want a repeat situation, but I'm afraid I don't have much of a choice at this point. At the hospital, he didn't like the little cart they had him in either, so he wouldn't let me sleep unless he was laying next to me.  Any ideas on how to get him to sleep in the bassinet or should I just give up so I can get some rest. TIA.

And is he is swaddled...but it doesn't seem to really make a difference.

Re: Baby hates bassinet

  • Our daughter did not like the bassinet either. She would wake herself up when moving her arms at night by hitting the sides of the bassinet. We put her in the pack n play (ours has a newborn sleeper setting so it is up higher) and she slept just fine that way the first 3 weeks in our room until we transitioned her to her crib. We swaddled until she was 6 weeks
  • We had the same situation. Neither of our twins liked the bassinet from day one that we brought them home. I could not understand it, they slept fine in the hospital bassinet. They would only sleep in the bed with us which freaked me out. Needless to say we never slept in fear of rolling on one of them. After about a week of feeding them a good bottle, rocking and putting them in the bassinet asleep, they adjusted and are okay now. I bet swaddling would really help too. I hated the idea, but once we did it they slept so much better.

  • Sorry, I see you are swaddling him. Our bassinet has the sound machine with music and rain forest settings. This really helped too. It took us some time in the beginning, they would only tolerate the bassinet half the night but eventually they adjusted.
  • My daughter refuses to sleep on flat surfaces, including her bassinet. She loves the Pack 'n' Play newborn napper because it is like a little nest. She also likes the Rock 'n' Play cradle, which has a curved seat. We put it right next to our bed so I can rock it easily.
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    She also likes the Rock 'n' Play cradle, which has a curved seat. We put it right next to our bed so I can rock it easily.

    Same here.  Thankful for Fisher Price Rock and Play sleeper.

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  • Thanks for the ideas. I'm hoping he will adjust at some point.
  • My son hates the bassinet as well.  We have him in the Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper and for the most part he likes it.  But recently he wont fall asleep unless hes in bed with me-I hope that stops soon.
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