TTC after 35

OMG!! BFP!!! OMG!!! BFP!!!

HOLY COW!!!  I have taken two hpt tests today and both came back positive, one was the internet cheapie this morning, I saw the second line, I called my BFF  (DH does not even know yet) and was like I has two lines, what do I do????  (amazing how you freak out), she is like calm down, take another test at lunch, so I get the Clearblue Easy Digital, and it pops up PREGNANT!!  I call my doctor office, and I go next Wednesday (DH is off work) and she said i would have blood work and get an ultrasound.  I don't even know how to tell DH, I had quit telling him when I was ovualting or testing, just because we always got disappointed.  Oh, I think I got pregnant on my 36 birthday! I think I may put the test in his Halloween candy dish, so when he gets home he will see it.  Sorry if I am rambling and not making any sense!

Re: OMG!! BFP!!! OMG!!! BFP!!!

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