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Diabetes/IL Vent

I have T2 Diabetes-  was diagnosed about 4 years ago.  I can tell DH's family thinks it is because I am overweight/brought it on myself.

 SIL has a 3yo and she was 'embarrassed' that she had GD with that pregnancy.  I asked why and finally got it out of MIL that SIL thought GD only happened to fat lazy people.

 Plus ever since I was diagnose MIL has been a carb-a-phobe because she does not want to get 'that' diagnosis.  Me and my teenage DS make fun of how she always is talking about 'CAARBBBS'.

It just gets on my nerves that they think I bought this all on myself.  I have threatened DH that he had better not tell any of them that I had to go on Glyburide to help my numbers through pregnancy - I am sure they will just think it is because I am a slovenly person. 

I have been able to manage an A1C in the 5.2-5.5 range pre-pregnancy with just watching my diet and some exercise.  I did not eat the healthiest diet prior to developing T2 but I have worked fairly hard to keep it under control and have been vigilant regarding what I eat/drink throughout this pregnancy. 

Just had to get this out.  Has anyone else had someone think you have GD or T2 because of your own fault?


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Re: Diabetes/IL Vent

  • I've seen some posts on other forums on this board that lead me to think people believe others cause their own diabetes. I won't get on my soap box though. I mostly watched the comments go by, vented and went about my business.
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  • I sorry they feel that way. As of right now I only have GD, but the peri said my chances are 70% to have it after my DD is born b/c of my family history. I hope my IL's don't think that's why I have it...
  • I've had people think I gave myself Type 1...at age 3....on purpose. People are just asshats. If it bothers you that much you should start talking about things that bother them
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  • It wasn't my in laws, but it was a good neighbor friend.  He's an older gentleman that has great grandchildren so has had a lot of pregnant women around him in his time.  He basically asked what I did to cause myself to have GD.  I tried to educate him and let him know it was nothing I did, but secretly it really upset me and I eventually had to vent to DH who finally reminded me that he didn't mean anything by it, he was just ignorant on that topic.
  • I totally can understand how you're feeling.  I was diagnosed with T2 almost 11 years ago.  Diabetes, both T1 and T2 are all over my family (both parents, mom is T2, dad is LADA. My mom's mom was T1. My dad's dad was T1. My aunt is T2.  You get the picture.)

    After learning about my family history, my GP (who diagnosed me) and my endo have both said that it looks like diabetes was just the crappy hand we got dealt.

    I've never been slim, but I've always been active and managed my condition with diet/exercise until I got pregnant with DS. I was on insulin for the pregnancy and then things just kind of went to pot after he was born (pregnancy will do that to an endocrine system.)  

    I ignore the ignorance since I know I can't change people's mind. That fact that the media just pegs "diabetes" as a fat person's disease makes me angry. Diabetes is a very complex condition with lots of variations (I'm sure T1s get really annoyed with all the association of diabetes and being overweight.)

    Anyway, I guess I'm just saying that I totally hear your frustration. Sad

  • My mom she is driving me crazy... I had GD with my son and just got diagnosed with T2 right before I got pregnant. She calls me everyday telling me I need to walk 2 HOURS a day so my numbers don't get worse and as soon as I found out she told me if I lost weight it would go away the thing of it is I am not overweight. She is making me feel awful
  • As on of the pp's said, I too have been blamed for having T1 (even though I was a teen, a 4 sport athlete, and a size 4 when I was diagnosed).  The whole "blame" thing is frustrating, but only you know whether there's anything you can do to make it better.  Even in T2, many times it has nothing to do with weight/lifestyle, although there of course other times it may.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this.  They may just have a funny way of showing that they love you and care about what happens to you.
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