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feeding frustration

can folks with a 7-8 month old give their feeding amounts in terms of bottles and solids?

Our DS has always been funny with bottles- will take three ounces, then decide he doesn't want anymore and will not finish. He goes back and forth on this being a problem, but it again reared its ugly head htis weekend and it has me at whits end. How many bottles (and how many ounces) in each do you give her day, and how much solid?

Maybe more frustrating is that daycare manages, and I'm his mom and I can't get him to take a freakin bottle.

Re: feeding frustration

  • We have had the same problem off and on all of LO's life, she'll be a GREAT eater (bottle) for a while, and then she'll be a totally CRAPPY eater for a while.  I have no clue what causes it, but right now we're in the worst patch we've had yet.  She seems to LOVE solids, but just will NOT take a bottle right I've tried some tricks that help:

    1) mix formula with rice cereal or oatmeal or mix it in with solids....either way shes actually GETTING formula, just not out of the bottle.

    2) I've put a small amount of formula in a bottle and put her in her bouncy seat and let her hold the bottle herself, with limited assistance from me.  She seems to like independence.

     3) I don't feed her until she's asking for it, or until it's been 5 hrs without a bottle.


    Hope this helps!

    Our schedule:

    Bottle @ 7am

    Solids (fruit) @ 730 or 8

    Play/nap/whatever for a few hours.

    USUALLY at the three hour mark (so somewhere around 10) 2nd bottle.

    Play/nap/whatever for a few hours.

    USUALLY at 3 hours 3rd bottle...then a little while later, solids (usually a veggie, but we're starting to try some meats now too)

    Again play/nap/etc.  3 hours goes by, another bottle

    Play/nap/whatever for a while, Dinner solids (meats or veggies)

    Bed time routine (after playing and such).



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  • this is much belated, but thank you!!! Seems you and I have very similar scheduls for our LOs...And just like yours, he's done this on and off since he was born!!! oye. I need to try to not stress too much; he went two months without gaining (but growing an inch) which had me more worried about it than usual, but than we took him in two weeks later and he gained a pound in a half (in two weeks!!). He had also been sick prior to that..

     ALways something I guess! He's happy, which I guess means he cant be starving

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