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Epidual Question

In some birth stories I've read, women had talked about it wearing off before delivery. In others, women have referred to a button they got to push when they needed more and it automatically went into their system so I imagine that wouldn't wear off if you could keep pressing the button. Or is it set up with a button but then they remove it before you push and then maybe it would have time to wear off. This is probably a stupid question...but could someone please explain this to me.

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Re: Epidual Question

  • Maybe it depends on the hospital.  I don't recall having a button to push when I got mine.  I had to have an emergency c section and I'm pretty sure my epidural was wearing off by then, because I felt pretty much everything they did.  It hurt sooo bad.  I don't think it should've been that painful if I were numb.
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  • I had a button to push to adjust the meds as needed, though I only did that twice while waiting to push. When I started to push, my epidural had to be readjusted again because, while I didn't feel anything in my lower body, I had terrible contraction-like pains in my sternum area that made pushing unbearable. The downside of having it adjusted is I couldn't feel the contractions and they slowed, making it harder to push.

    Honestly, don't compare any of our situations to your own, though. I have plenty of friend who pushed the baby right on out without any adjustments to the epi :) I think it's all individual to your labor.

  • Mine had a button I could push when I felt like I needed it. Keep in mind though, that its set so that it can only give you a certain dosage within a specific time frame. So you could press it all you want and potentially, you won't get anything out of it. They do not remove it before you push either.
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  • Mine was not fully working by the time I was ready to push so I didn't have the lovely "button". :(
  • Yes an epidural can wear off but that usually only happens if the mom-to-be is in labor for a long time. When I had my daughter 4 years ago July, I had it kinda easy. My labor was only a total of 3 hours and a half hour of pushing. But I went through till 9 cm with NO epidural and when they finally got the medicine in me I felt so much better. So yes an epidural can wear off. I have heard of some hospitals that have the button. But the hospital that I was at the first time didn't have that but I was grateful to even have the epidural in the first place cause I was past the window of opportunity to have it done. And no your question is not stupid. There are no stupid questions only stupid answers. Which happen about 9 times out of 10. :) I hope this information helps you.  
  • Thanks ladies! It makes more sense now. :)

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  • I had no button...the anesthesiologist had to come back to "top me off" when mine wore off and I still wasnt anywhere close to pushing DD out...they let it wear off completely before pushing so that I "felt things enough to push effectively"...oh I felt them alright!
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  • I had the button but it only will give you extra doses to a certain point...it shuts off and you can't up the dose yourself to the point of overdose.  It's really not any extra meds as others get.  It alows the pt to decide how much anesthesia within the recommended limits...so you can technically give yourself less meds than if the anes. doc just sets you up with the max dose.
  • Must depend on the hospital. My epidural was on a drip and I did have a button. However, I never used the button. I asked the doctor about it wearing off and he said that does not happen and he did not know what I was talking about.

    That is all I know.

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