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goodmorning 2nd Tri! When did you start showing?

Hello Ladies,

I'll be officially entering my 13th week on Sunday.  My pants are starting to get a bit tight and after dinner I am starting to protrude a bit (just looks like I ate too much!).

Just curious, and I know everyone is different but....when did you start showing?  When did you no longer fit into regular clothes and need maternity clothes?  When did strangers start noticing?


Re: goodmorning 2nd Tri! When did you start showing?

  • I really started showing about a week or so ago. Some of my pants started getting tight around 14 weeks, but I didn't "pop" until just recently.
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  • With DD #1 I didn't really "pop" until about 20 weeks.  Today, I am one day shy of 14 weeks and although my pants are a bit tight, I can still wear non-maternity clothing. 
  • 1st time around at 13 weeks

    2nd time around the bloat was almost instant continuous all day/night...very difficult to hide from the get go (comments/questions from students & coworkers in week 6).  I can't really say when I started showing this time around....bloat is clouding my mind! ;)

  • With DS I didn't really pop until 18 weeks. This time I was showing to the point of people asking me how far along I was at 15 weeks.

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  • Unfortunately, I'm still kind of in that "is she fat or is she pregnant" phase, but I guess I'm showing a little bit.
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  • I started showing around 11/12 weeks and I started strictly wearing maternity pants at 15 weeks. I started having strangers ask me about my bump around 20 weeks though I had a lot of side eyes at work before then.
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  • I started showing around 18 weeks but I really popped recently (around 22 weeks)
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  • This is my 1st. I switched into maternity pants at 8 weeks because the bloat was so bad that my regular zip-up work pants were no longer comfortable.

    I don't think I'm showing yet - I'm still in the "is she getting fat or pregnant?" phase.  Although depending on what I wear, I guess my tummy is getting more obvious. DH thought it really looked obvious last weekend and I was wearing jeans and a long, closer fitting sweater.

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  • Started showing around 17.5 weeks. If I wear a maternity shirt, it's REALLY obvious.
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  • 18w-19w.

    I was bloated to the high heavens starting at about week 6, so my pants were tighter for the duration. But I didn't NEED maternity clothes until this past week. It was only noticeable to DH and I at about 18w - where the rounding of the lower ab was clearly a baby bump and not just bloat. Others started noticing at about 19w. It's still a small bump...I wouldn't say I've "popped", but it's definitely a bump. I love it. :)

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  • I started showing at 9 weeks, which was not noticeable to strangers, just to me and my friends who knew. I was 83lbs when I first got pregnant, and now i'm about 92lbs when I last got weighed. I'm very petite, only 4' 9''.. hehe.

    But now i'm 14 weeks 3 days, and definitely showing, its getting noticeable to strangers & co-workers. Showing through my regular shirts, and last week I broke down and bought my first pair of maternity pants. They are SOO comfty, even though the spandex belly part doesn't quite feel right yet, i just fold it down. My regular jeans/shorts are starting to become unable to button so i just use a thin hair tie and loop it through the button hole and around the button! No one notices unless your shirt doesn't go over the top of your pants! WORKS WONDERS! Haha.

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