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My LO is 9 weeks/38 weeks gestational and has already rolled on her side twice now.  Is this normal?  I guess I'm just freaked out about her rolling all the way over now and ending up on her stomach and not being able to roll back to her back because she's so little (she was 4 lbs, 6 oz at her pedi appt a week ago Monday).  Has anyone else dealt with this so early?

Re: Preemie rolling on side

  • my DD #1 was born at 41w4d and rolled up on her side in the little bassinet at the hospital! I don't think anyone would have believed me but the nurse saw her do it. That's part of why we coslept because she liked to be on her side, and that way I could put my arm on her to be sure she didn't roll over on her face.
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  • oh my !  I know that sleep positioners are now considered unsafe, but maybe in this case they would be a good thing?  I'd ask your pedi!
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  • My LO loves to sleep on his side as it seems to help with his stomach issues. I asked out pedi and she said it was ok because at this age he can't roll all the way onto his stomach. He just can not be swaddled and on his side because he could roll over since there is no resistance.
  • My son rolled over from his stomach to his back at 8w5d (he hadn't even reached his EDD) was only barely over 5lbs, and it freaked me completely out (my mom was video recording with her iPhone when he did it - I screamed - thought he would be hurt - he was!!! 

    Once he did it the first time, he decided he wanted to do it at almost every tummy time session, and now rolls over regularly. He doesn't tend to move when he sleeps, though, and the home health nurse told me it was ok to prop him up on his side occasionally to take a nap, and that babies, like us, get tired of being in the same position all the time.

    He's 3m4w now (2m4w adjusted), and he's trying really hard to go from his back to his stomach.  He's kicking & squealing, smiling & laughing, surprising us all (apparently, he didn't get the memo that he was a, reaching some milestones for his adjusted age, as well as a couple for his actual. 

    I guess that since I'm over the shock of little Mr. Overachiever doing his roll-over thing, I'm so proud I could just bust - those are the kind of things that the therapists tell you they won't be doing for months, and it just lets you know that they've all got their own time schedule, regardless of what the charts say!  Our LOs are little miracles, and I'll bet that this is just the start of them amazing us!

  • Our daughter was also a preemie (born 27 wks bc of pre-e). In the NICU they often let her and the other babies stomach sleep because it's actually easier for them to breath that way (with their knees tucked up under them - it allows the chest to fall away from them instead of them having to push their lungs up if on their backs, if that makes sense). I mention it just because it's probably not terrible if your daughter did manage to roll over and be on her stomach and you didn't notice immediately, so don't worry too much : ) But a sleep positioner might help and give you peace of mind. Congrats on your active little girl!
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