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Anyone else still feel like crap?

I've been waiting to try and miscarry naturally for about the last 2 almost 3 weeks. I go to my doctor tomorrow for another ultrasound (because I did have some red bleeding Saturday & Monday but prob not enough for it to mean that it has happened) and I think I'm going to move forward with taking the medicine that will hopefully get it started. I just feel sick all the time!! I wished and wished for morning sickness to signify that I was having a healthy pregnancy and it came just in time AFTER we found out about our missed miscarriage. There is some sweet irony for you. Anyone else feeling sick??

Re: Anyone else still feel like crap?

  • Hope you feel better really soon and sorry to hear about your loss. I miscarried sometime late last week (found out yesterday), and since last week, I noticed my symptoms fading and in their place major fatigue (different from any tiredness I had as pg symptoms) and lots of hot-cold flashes and claminess. Again, hope you feel better!
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  • Thank you :) I'm sorry for your loss too and I also hope you regain your energy and start feeling better soon!
  • I hope it happens for you soon so you can stop waiting.  Waiting is horrible, I waited for 3 weeks...I would have been 13.5 weeks...I had spotting for about 10 days, and 1 day of heavier bleeding with clots.  I just had a D&C on Monday and I am glad I did because I could not wait any longer.  I asked them how much was left and they said a substantial amount, so I would have been waiting for a day or even more weeks.  The U/S should give you a good idea though...ask as many questions as you possibly can.

    Good luck!

  • I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for your response. It's good to hear some perspective from someone else who was trying to wait it out. I thought I could handle it but I'm just ready to put it behind me!
  • It really is so hard to wait and not have any idea what is going on and when or what it will be like or if you may beat at work when it gets bad...it was incredibly stressful for me for those few weeks...

    give yourself the permission to rest lots and just be good to yourself...

  • I feel like a complete crap... phisically and mentally

    it all happened to me over the weekend, on saturday I started bleeding,  went to the ER and they confirmed that my baby didn't have a heartbeat ...decided to let my baby go naturally, and by sunday night I knew what they meant with heavy bleeding and pain... went on to monday afternoon... tomorrow I'm having an ultrasound to verify if it all came out or not...

    I didn't have any sympthoms but I'm feeling kind of light headed lately...

    I'm just beyond myself...

    ladies, I send you big warm hugs, these moments no other human being ca understand but the ones going thru it...



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