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Successful Induction PIP (also on October)



I just wanted to share my succesful induction and birth story.

I had a rough last 2 months of pregnancy filled w/ preterm contractions, early dialation, modified bedrest, and meds. So my OB had scheduled an induction for October 25th, at which I was 39 wks and 1 day. I was already at 3cm and baby's head was at 0 station

Induction was set for 7:30. Started pitocin about 9:00. It seemed like it really took all day b/c the contractions would start to get strong, so they wouldn't increase the dosage, but then they'd start to space out. So it took forever just to get from 3cm to 4. My doc had planned to break my water, but LO's hand was in the way. So I had to wait until either my water broke on its own or LO decided he was going to move it. If he didn't move his hand, OB would have to do a C section.  I was able to get up and walk around, sit in the rocking chair, etc during this time. DH even massaged my feet.

Luckily about an hour and half later, he moved it and contractions were moderate and I was at a 5. So at 4:51 the OB broke my water, which I found pretty painful.  From there things progressed quickly. Soon I was a 6 and my OB was done w/ his hospital shift. I was at 16 on the pitocin and contractions began to worsen, so I asked for IV meds. They gave me fentinol (sp?). I got two more doses while in the transition phase, but they didn't seem to do much. My BP was high so I forced to lay on my side. And then baby's heart rate dropped, so I had to be put on Oxygen.  Soon I was in a lot of pain and feeling a ton of pressure. DH and my mom were a lot of help keeping me calm and helping me through it. So they checked me and I was at a 9. They told me to resist the urge to push and to let them know when I felt like I had to push. Not much time passed, b/c next thing I knew I was screaming and told them I had to push.

This was it. I was at 10 and his head was right there. So I did one big push and there he was. Caleb Alexander arrived at 8:36 pm. He was 8 lbs 1 oz, 19.5 inches long. I had a few tears and I am recovering well. He was hungry and I nursed him shortly after they placed him on my stomach. He is a good eater. We are being discharged today. And I completely avoided the Pre E which I had with my 1st. DD loves her little brother. DH and I couldn't be happier.  See you ladies. And good luck to all the  mamas left.


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