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Hunger Monster

Why am I always hungry?!?  I eat, and then 20 minutes later, I'm hungry again!  This is making me nuts.
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Re: Hunger Monster

  • same here. my problem is i have a tendency to wait very long between meals. take yesterday before i left for work at 6 am i ate a yogurt. i got home around 2 and had a giant plate of chili and rice since i was starving. My tummy felt like it was "bloated" but yet my body still felt hungry. sometimes i wake in the middle of the night starving like i havent eaten in days. lol
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  • I woke up at 5 am starving like I had not eaten in days, even though I had a yogurt at midnight last night. ugh it never ends!


  • I feel like a diabetic where I have to eat every 2 hours or so... nothing big but I need something.  To help me out through the night, my husband makes me a peanut butter sandwich and I put it on my nightstand and usually eat half of it right before I fall asleep, then sometimes, when I wake up to use the bathroom once or twice a night, I will eat the other half.  That had also helped with my morning sickness which I found I would get when I didn't have some sort of food in my system.
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