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"fake" coughing

DS has been doing this weird cough for the past couple of days.  It sounds like he's fake coughing, but he does it about 7 times in a row and at least once an hour.  It is an unproductive cough, and he does not seem congested or have a stuffed up nose at all.  Could this be something real or has he just discovered a new sound he can make?
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Re: "fake" coughing

  • I posted this same thing awhile ago. It's probably fake and a lot of babies are doing it! It's pretty funny/cute if you ask me. I can tell when it's a real cough because his eyes will water. When it's fake, he will just kind of smirk and I just play into it and smother him to make sure he's okay (which is most likely what he's after!) :)
  • My nephew did this when he was little. It was too funny.
  • Thanks!  That's what I was thinking.  It is pretty silly when he does it.  That pertussis commercial with the coughing baby just freaks me out for some reason.
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  • My little guy has been doing this for a while, might be me that is to blame too b/c when he started it (with no watery eyes) I could tell it was just a new noise, so I started asking him "does Brayden have a bad cough?" and now you can just say that and he starts coughing - then laughing.  It also started at my house when I was coughing a lot.  I figured he was trying to copy me.  I think it's cute and I probably should stop making such a big production out of it since he thinks it's a game now. HA! He also starts coughing the minute he sees the nose sucker. I can be ten feet away with it in my hand and he will just cough like crazy and stop when he can't see it anymore. =)
  • My lo does it. It seems she does it as an alternative to crying when she wants attention but there is nothing wrong with her. She will be in one of her seats and just coughs and coughs till she gets picked up, then smiles and giggles. Kinda like 'haha I got ya'.
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  • Logan does this, too.  He does it when he's in his exersaucer and he want to be picked up.  Mostly when his daddy is home.  It is the cutest thing ever, he stares at DH and makes the cutest face with a high pitched little cough over and over. 
  • DD does this, too.  I think she does it because she can and because she sees that it gets a reaction out of us.  Many times, she'll grin after she does it.  She's playing me already!
  • Harper does this when she doesn't care for something.  That is, I get teh fake cough when I dig sleep out of her eye, wipe her nose, or take a break from playing with her.  Hubs and I find it hilarious.
  • Logan did that this morning when I dropped him off for daycare ... I thought it was trying the "I'm sick, don't drop me off!" trick. 
  • Amanda does this too! The Dr. said she is doing it for attention. I think it's adorable!

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