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Can anyone share their experiences? I've had something going on today and when I called my doctor she basically said some women spot during their entire pregnancy and others never have a drop. basically, that I should just wait until AF is due and test!  I am currently 9 DPO, and had a suggestion from the TTGP board to post here. TIA!
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Re: IB/Spotting

  • I dont know what the question is.. but yes testing would be a good step.. early or on the date you think AF is due... which ever.. but obviously testing would be a first step.
  • sorry, let me clarify! 

    it might be a little TMI but they say when it comes to this we should get used to that right? I know it's really hard to tell if I am having IB but I am just wondering what it was like for other girls who think they had it. maybe what DPO it happened on, and how it compared to regular flow, etc.   

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  • doctors say that bleeding in pregnancy is normal. but don take it lightly. i started bleeding and it just didnt feel "right". so i called the dr. then even though they said it was normal, i asked for an appt. they got me in a few hours later. they told me i was likely to miscarry. def not trying to scare you, and i wish you the best. but no matter what anyone says, if something feels wrong, call the hospital or dr or better yet go see them, you know your body better than anyone. good luck!
  • I had some light bleeding at 10 DPO (blood when I wiped and some got on a liner too, though not nearly enough to fill a pad) and then a few spots at 11 DPO, and that was all.  I tested at 10 DPO using EPT and got my BFP.  Go ahead and POAS, and if you get a positive, call your doctor and tell them about the bleeding.  Mine wanted me to come in for an early u/s at 6w3d to make sure everything was ok.  Thankfully it was! 

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  • I had a bit of spotting at 7 and 8dpo.  It was watery and brownish.  That is what prompted me to test early at 9dpo and I got a BFP.
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