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Hello everyone! I know this might sound stupid to most of you, but I am really lonely. :( DH and I moved to the Red Wing area in May, and I do not have any friends down here.Also, I am originally from Pennsylvania, so I have no family here. I love staying at home with DD, who is almost 3 months, but I get really lonely during the day. I am having trouble getting plugged in, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

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  • I am in Northfield which isn't SUPER far from Red Wing, I wouldn't mind meeting up.
  • Check the local library to see if they have a baby storytime. 

    Or else try an ECFE class through the school district.  http://www.redwing.k12.mn.us/se3bin/clientgenie.cgi?butName=ECFE&cId=&permission=3&username=

    You could also see if there is a MOMS club in the area. 

     I've met most of my mom friends that way! 

    It is hard the first few months when your baby is so little.  It'll get easier to get out of the house and meet new people.  I am sure this summer you'll be busy with playdates, trips to the pool and park, etc.  Hang in there!


  • I know it can be hard but I would 2nd the baby story time We LOVE ours 
  • I know how you feel.  I really don't have any friends in the area and I've lived here 4 years.  I never worked with anyone in my age group / stage of life so it's been difficult meeting people. 

    I live in Apple Valley which isn't too far, and I wouldn't mind meeting up!  

    So far I go to baby storytimes at my local library, am doing an ECFE class, and did another mom and baby class through Fairview.  The class through Fairview was only 6 weeks, but we have met up a few times after this and hope to continue which has been really nice.  They do some GTGs on here as well.  I haven't made it to one though yet, I swear I have lots of open days, but they always pick the one day I can't make it!  Oh well!

  • I'm also originally from PA, and I know how you feel. My H and I moved away from PA in 2003 and moved to Michigan for grad school. Then, we moved here about a year ago after we graduated. In any case, I know the feeling of moving to a new area and not knowing anyone, and having to start from scratch. I found that joining my school's alumni groups I've been able to meet new people, as well as hanging out with some people at work. Ir's def hard for me to do because I'm pretty shy but I usually can work through that.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. 

  • I would be interested in meeting up once my LO gets a little older (only 2 wks today).  I live south of Hastings and we go to Red Wing a lot for Menards.  : )
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  • i used to live in red wing (a year ago), and loved it and miss it terribly - now we're in owatonna. i had a hard time getting plugged in, too, at first, but once we got more involved with church and i started working at a place i enjoyed, it all got a lot easier.

    are you at all interested in getting involved with a church?  first covenant church (where DH and i used to attend) has a contemporary and a traditional service, and a lot of young families there, plus great children's/youth min. programs.

    there's the local YMCA as well - they have a fantastic facility in red wing, and some great classes.  i miss taking zumba there, so much fun, and another way to meet other women.  i think they might have childcare? but i can't remember : 

    also - this won't really help you get more plugged in, but smokey row cafe was one of my favorite places to eat (i used to work there as well). paninis, sandwiches, espresso/coffee drinks, homemade breads, soups, and pastries, and it was all so delicious.

    feel free to private message me if you want any more info or names of people to contact at first covenant. good luck! 


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  • Sure! Let me know!! Its hard for me to meet up if its not close by, because I am unable to drive, but I would love to meet sometime. Let me know when you are feeling up to it!
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