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Coming over from 3rd tri.. I'm getting induced on Friday and we have everything together.. I was just  wondering from everyone what the ONE item you couldn't do without for you and your newborn? If I'm missing something that would make life easier let me know! TIA


  • Boppy pillow and lansinoh for your nips!
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  • Pacis--DS really likes to suck and also those little newborn mittens (otherwise they will find a way to scratch themselves, nails clipped or not).
  • Boobs!  Haha,they never fail to quiet a fussy baby.  But seriously, a moby wrap!  Nawborns cluster feed, so they spend a lot of time nursing, and with a moby wrap you can nurse hands free, so you can still feed yourself and get other things done while baby's nursing, plus if I hold my baby to nurse and she falls asleep, she'll wake up when I put her down, but with the moby she just falls asleep when she's done and I can continue with what I'm doing, it's great!
  • SwaddleMe blanket/wrap.  He has yet to break free from one of these!
  • Personal stuff like shampoo, straightener, and makeup. People take a lot of pictures! lol

    Also I brought cell phones and chargers, laptop, extra clothes for DD... and for some reason I forgot PJs for DH and I. Coulda used those!

    Edit: MY BAD! You meant after coming home? Some sort of sling for sure, pacis, several swaddling blankets.

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  • image cmb98:
    SwaddleMe blanket/wrap.  He has yet to break free from one of these!

    Those scare the crap out of me, I got them at my baby shower, and put LO in one when she was about a week old.  She's always liked to suck her hands, and I put her down in it, and came back a few minutes later to check on her (thank GOD), and she'd managed to pull one of her hands out and put it in her mouth, but because the swaddle me is tight, she'd gotten it stuck in her mouth and was choking on it and turning blue!  Seriously I thank GOD that I'm neurotic and went back to check on her when I did.  I followed the instructions to a T, but she's always been good at getting her hands out of swaddles because she really wants to suck on them, so I'd be very careful with those, especially if you have a baby who likes to suck on hands, because she'd have choked to death if I'd gotten there a couple of minutes later!

  • Nursing pillow

    Receiving blankets (we used them for everything all the time)

    Paci (DH had to go out at 4:30am our first night home to get one)

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  • Breast Pump and good swaddling blankets.
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  • Boppy, baby carrier (I have an Ergo), and Itzbeen timer. I don't use it anymore, but it was a LIFESAVER for DH and I -helping us keep track of when DS last ate, was changed, etc. It also has a little flashlight function, which was great in the middle of the night.
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  • the seahorse! DD goes to sleep so quick with it, and has also been sleeping wonderfully through the night in her crib since the day we brought her home.
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  • Me: Gas-X and stool softeners... I eneded up having a c-section so these really helped.  High waisted undies as well.

    LO: I went a few weeks without this, but am so glad I have it now.. Her bouncy seat.  She loves it and it has made life with her a lot easier.

  • She didn't like it at first, but it's a lifesaver now: Woombie
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  • PP have some good ones.  I'll add the Rock N Play sleeper.  LO sleeps much better in it than the Pack N Play or the crib, and it's portable from room to room.

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  • I liked the Breast Friend way better then the boppy for feedings. Also, LO still can't sleep well unless he's swaddled. We went and got another pack of the Aden & Anais ones.

    Oh and I know people always insist that a bottle warmer isn't necessary, but I can't live without mine. We had all kinds of issues that resulted in me pumping exclusively so the bottle warmer came in handy at least 3 times a night.

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  • MIRACLE BLANKET!!!!!! ds was able to break out of the swaddle me, woombie, etc. but he has yet to get out of this thing. plus, the first night we used it (the night he turned 5 weeks), he slept from 8:30 pm - 6:00 am without waking at all. he's continued the same sleeping habits ever since except he sleeps even later in the mornings now. 
  • Honestly, the only thing I really needed for baby the first week or two was a swaddling blanket (we used Halo Sleep Sack w/ swaddle feature), diapers, his cradle in our room, and boobies! He slept the first two weeks straight and only woke up to eat and fall back asleep again!
  • gas drops, cloth diapers (they make the best burp cloths), sleepers with zipper rather than snaps (DD fusses when getting unsnapped for diaper changes and this is quicker), nail clippers




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  • -Swaddling blankets or sleep sacks- we only had 2 so we ordered a couple more.  She's had a few diaper leaks so it seems like we're always washing them. 


    -Lots of burp cloths- we use these for everything! 

    -Breast pump- I think it helped my milk come in, it helps with engorgement, and I can pump a couple of times a day to have a bottle for my husband to give at a night feeding

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