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Name choice just "ok"?

Does anyone else feel like the name they have picked out for LO is just ok? We have Ian Craig L******** picked out for LO, and I do like it, and I like it better than all other name options we've thought of but it is still just "alright".

I dunno, I just thought that we'd find a name and know instantly that it was the one for our LO and that we would looove it. Does not being over the moon about a name mean that it's not the one and we should keep looking? 

(And, I think I'm referring more about the middle name, as I really do love the first name)   


Re: Name choice just "ok"?

  • We're very much in the just ok camp.  

    We've got it down to about 5 or 6 names that are all ok, but nothing spectacular.  I'm not super worried about it anymore.  Maybe the name just isn't a big deal to you?   

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  • Neither of us are in love with our first name choices because there are very few that we can agree on.  The middle name is already decided, as it's my dad's name, so that's a moot point for us.

  • I understand how you feel.  Although the name we picked for LO was one of my two favorite names (Sloan), I am having a little bit of "buyer's remorse" as I'm nervous that it's not "classic" enough...

    But I have to remind myself that I do love the name, I'm very happy with it, and just when LO is born, I'll make sure it fits her properly.


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  • Ohhh I love Sloan!  Very cute!

  • we havent even figured out a name yet. DH loves Madison, but I am not thrilled with it... and I have no clue what to pick for a middle name. So I guess you could say that I feel the same way. It is "ok" but im super excited about it. I had loved DD's name for the longest time, but then when we finally decided on that for her... I wasn't super excited about it.(I love it now).  I think it is the fact that this little person is going to be stuck with this name for the rest of their life.. and you are the one who gets to decide what it is going to be. That is what scares me.. sure I love the name... buuuuttt... what if it doesnt work for the LO.
  • Every now and again I question if it's the 'right' name, but I really love it. You can keep looking around if you're not sold. Then, if you don't like anything better, you know you have a name picked out that you at least like.

    When we were looking at other names, nothing compared to the one we had picked - we kept coming back to it. That's how we knew it was the right one.

  • We had alot of trouble coming up with a girl's name. Elliott was the one we both liked best but at first it was still just okay. Now that we've been using it more when referring to her it's really grown on me and I can't imagine her as anything else.
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  • I'm with you. I love our girl name. I am meh about the 2 boy names we have now.


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    Ohhh I love Sloan!  Very cute!



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  • It's funny, because I would have said it was a cliche, but as soon as we chose B's name (or more accurately, her nickname) we just *knew* it was the right name.  I've never had second thoughts about it, either before or after meeting her.

    BUT I'm sure that's not the case for everyone, and I really do think that if you end up naming your son Ian Craig, you'll grow to love the name because you'll love the child.

  • I love our first name, but I don't love the mn we have right now. I know that sounds terrible cause it's my husbands name, but I just don't love it. I can't find anything I like better so I think we are going to go with it.

    He wants Christopher or Ryan. I'm not naming this baby Nolan Ryan!


  • Maybe you'll feel different when you look at him and name him? I really love the name we picked out, but it is still 'just a name'. When there is actually a baby attached to it, I know it will become something else in my head.

    If you actually don't like the name, that is something else!

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  • That's how I'm feeling about our first name.  There honestly just aren't any boys names that I'm that crazy about, but DH loves our choice, so that's good.  Like the PP said, I'm sure once I see DS and connect the name with him, it'll be a whole different feeling.
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  • That's how I'm feeling about our girl name... we narrowed it down to 2 but both just felt "okay" to me. Dh finally asked me to choose, so I did (Mila)... but in the last 24 hours I have read 2 different threads on the pronunciation of Mila and both have me right back to why it's only OK to me... because I fear our child will spend her whole life correcting pronunciation.


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  • When we were Team Green, I loved the name we picked out for a boy. When we found out that we are having a boy at the baby shower, I started questioning whether or not I was really into that name for the little being I've been carrying for the past 8 months.

    Mr Techie loves it and I'm happy with it. I'm not sure what else we would name him, so Wyatt Jameson is probably going to stick.

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  • Definitely. I absolutely love the name Hannah (and I have for many years). We have had difficulty naming this baby. She's had a couple different names... Leah, Hailey, and now Emily. DH and I just could not agree on a name, it's very frustrating.
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  • We haven't really found the "one"  I think we found a winner for a first name, but some days I wonder if it is the right one or not.  ( p.s. Telling people IRL is not a great idea, someone will be an @ss and tell you they don't like it, no matter what name it is and that makes it harder to feel good about it)

    We can't agree on anything for a middle name, not even close, I am beginning to wonder if we will even find a middle name for LO!

  • I love the name that we picked out for my LO, but I'm worried that people won't understand it or think that it's a girl's name. My LO will be half Italian and we chose and Italian name for him, Mattia (in English it's Mathias). Some baby name board said that it was a girl's name, but like Andrea, it's a popular Italian boy's name. I'm sticking with the name we picked out.
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  • I love the name I chose and it took a lot of debating between it and others. It was on a list of about 5 that I really liked. I recall making name lists with my first two and nothing exactly jumped out at me, especially with my first child.

    If you're not so thrilled with the middle name, keep playing around with other ones that you like with Ian.  Good luck!

  • We're having this same problem and I'm due any day now! Hope we can come up with something soon.
  • Try using the name when you talk about your LO, and seeing how it sits. If you continue to feel this way after a while of consistently using it, then maybe something else would be better...

    You could also just wait for the big day, and I'm sure you'll know when you see him... it either fits or it doesn't. Hehe.

     I know, with us, we had been tossing around issues with a name for a little boy, thinking that was what we were going to have. When we found out LO is a girl, we kinda tossed a couple names and then I just clicked on one. The middle name was the hard part for a bit there, and then I realized that my mother's middle name fit perfectly with the first name we'd chosen, so it's all great. Hehe

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  • I was told to practice yelling the name. Apparently if you can picture yourself screaming it in rage then it is the right one.
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  • for my second daughter, I had picked out Veneteya Rhayne.... when she was born, she just didn't look like a Veneteya, but I loved both my names, so she is now Oriana Veneteya Rhayne =)
  • we've had a girl name in mind for ages, and just a couple of middle name choices, and were thrilled to find out we're having a girl so we can use them! but maybe there's something a bit anti-climactic about not 'discovering' a name during pregnancy, and it REALLY doesn't help when people unabashedly make big scowly faces or tell you they hate it, usually because someone they didn't like in third grade had the name. i guess it means we'll keep our minds open to other name candidates, gather a few runners-up, and hopefully when we see her, we'll just KNOW. i think ian craig is a great name. try saying it with love in your voice, writing it in a bunch of ways, imagine calling it. you're the mom, trust that there's no 'wrong' answer!
  • Same for us! We love our boy name, but are so-so on the two girls names we've narrowed down to. I want to love the girls names as much as I do the boy name, but I just don't. I did spend some time going back through our name books looking at girls names and couldn't come up with anything better. So, I decided that it's going to be one of those - and since I made that decision, I've started liking one more and more. I agree with PP that if there's nothing out there you like better, than it's okay for the name to be "right" without being "awesome".
  • our list is now 3-4 names that neither of us dislike.  But i'm not in love with any of them. I don't think i'll fully decide till I see his little face. I am HOPING by then, i'll just know what's right.

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  • We are not sure what the gender is so we have to come up with names for both a boy and a girl.  We absolutely love the boy name but are just ok with the girl name.  Being Jewish we have to name the baby after a relative that has passed and we are naming the baby after my DH grandmother and her name starts with J so we have to go with J.  For a girl we have Juliet Michelle, which is nice, but we don't love it like the name for a boy which is Jacob Dylan.

     I guess we'll wait and see what we have and I am sure no matter what we will love the child and the name will just be part of what we love about him/her. 

  • Well, I absolutely love the name, but that's probably because we named our little guy Ian Craig. But Craig was my maiden name, so it has special significance as his middle name and it's a family tradition going back several years to give the first boy his mother's maiden name. So DH chose Ian and I was happy to let him choose the first name as long as he gave me the middle name. But I think even if you're not in love with the name now, once you name him, the name becomes a part of him and you love it because it's a part of your baby.
  • Not sure if anyone else mentioned this (cuz to be honest, I don't have much time to read all the responses) but imagine years down the road and answering the phone and the person on the other end is asking for your child. Would hearing a particular name all the time drive you crazy?

     So far for a boy I like Jackson Royce and for a girl Rylee Rose. I've changed my boy name at least three times (and I'm only at 13 weeks), but my girl name has stayed solid. 


  • I really like Ian Craig. We were having the same kind of feelings with the name we picked for our little boy. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage and their names are more Latin based because of my ex husband's culture. I guess it just worried me that their names were SO different from each other it'd cause an issue or something hehe. But I'm getting more and more excited about our name choice as the weeks progress!
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