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Heavy cramping but no bleeding @ 6weeks - is that ok?

Hi ladies, I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I see the cramping question come up a lot, so I know that some cramping is normal, as long as there's no bleeding involved. But last night I had some cramps that were so bad I had to lie down in pain. I was really worried and went to bed early. No blood this morning and no more cramps...but of course I'm still thinking about it. :( Have any of you had times like this? Do you think this is ok? Thanks for your help!

Re: Heavy cramping but no bleeding @ 6weeks - is that ok?

  • Maybe Round Ligament pains.

    Mine started last night as I tried to roll over. It totally takes your breath away..ouch

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  • i know with my first i had bad cramping/no bleeding.  if it's your first baby your cramping can be painful b/c your uterus is stretching. 

    this is my second and i have not had bad cramping at all but my first was bad.

  • Thanks for both your replies! This is my first pregnancy...but we'd been trying for 2 years before this so I'm really, really hoping it sticks. And of course that makes me super paranoid, haha.
  • oh yeah, i forgot about round ligament pain too, that is painful.  with your first everything is nice and tight in there and it HURTS when it is all stretching to accomadate baby.  it can also hurt when you sneeze, i noticed that the other day and then remembered i had the same with Carson.
  • Yes, even as my 2nd pregnancy, I have had cramp like pains on and off from about week 6.  Its not as bad now, but still once in a while. I have been calling them growing pains. Smile

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  • I have them too.  I try not to worry, but sometimes I can't help myself.  Let's make a pact to try and chill :)
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  • With #1 I did, I had to lay down on the couch and was paranoid, then I remember being at a concert with DH and having the WORST cramps I was going to cry. I had spotting all first tri too. With #2 so far just mild cramps but I think that also has to do with being a SAHM now and being to busy to focusing on a lot of issues!



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  • I am having some major cramping too, it takes my breath away than then it's gone. This is my second pregnancy, but, the first was 14 years ago when I was 22 so I couldn't remember this part of it, or it didn't happen so it really scared me.

    After looking on here I see lots of comments that it is normal....so, I am hoping and praying it is normal growing pains - if that is the case I am happy to have the cramps!

  • It's probably either RLP or constipation. I've been pretty backed up this pregnancy and I've had some pretty bad cramping from that.
  • i had horrible cramping, headaches, stomach pain, and lower back pain. i was told these were normal and tried to stay calm. then i woke up at 3 am one morning and i felt like i had to go to the bathroom really bad. then the second i stood up, blood started running down my leg. my advice, if something doesnt feel right, get to your doctor, its better to know, than sit at home and worry.  good luck!
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