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I can't stop sneezing! is this related to the pregnancy? I don't ever remember sneezing this much...and I don't feel groggy or that it's allergies. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.



Re: Sneezing

  • Ive never heard of sneezing being pregnancy related....but I don't know everything :)
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  • I have allergies anyways but it seems like pregnancy is actually exacerbating my allergies because I'm sneezing all.the.time and it's actually starting to put a real strain on my lower back. I thought it was just me.
  • This just started for me this weekend! Sneezing in the middle of the night and several times during the day. I'm not stuffed nor have any other allergy symptoms. I have read about increased blood flow to the nasal passages during pregnancy, like how some women get nosebleeds and have snoring problems, so I figured it was related to that. Weird symptom though!
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  • I sneeze more frequently and at night i get fully congested and snore which i've never done before... Think the previous poster is on to something with the increased blood flow thing... I so wish it would go away but I heard it can last the entire pregnancy! :(
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  • its a problem with alot of women, i have horrible sinuses, pregnancy has made them worse. my aunt never had sinus problems. when she became preg. she got them. her son is 38 now and she still has sinus problems!! i guess pregnancy just makes you less tolerant to pollen and other things..
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