Medela Pump/Playtex Drop-In System

Does anyone use the Medela Pump In Style with the Playtex Drop-Ins? Does this work well? We are starting our registry, and want to use the drop-ins because it seems like much less clean-up (we both work rotating shifts, less clean up will be ideal). Does anyone have experience with using these 2 together? I have read that you can use the Playtex Drop-Ins Storeage Set with the Medela pump, do I need a special adapter or anything?

Re: Medela Pump/Playtex Drop-In System

  • I use this exact combo. I used the drop-ins with my 1st daughter and found they reduced gas dramatically. I had originally gone for the expensive BPA free "designer" bottles and thought she had colic. By accident I had to buy the drop ins while running errands since I'd forgotten her bottle and to my pleasant surprise the gas vanished. Just wish it was BEFORE I'd tried all the super expensive formulas thinking it was allergies. I don't know about them attaching to the pump though. It's easy enough to pump and then pour anyway.

    The pump is great - I had a friend let me borrow hers and it works great at 3yrs old.  

  • I have a Medela Pump in Style pump.  I don't use it with Playtex Drop-Ins but I use Avent bottles with no attachment.  I pump into the Medela bottles provided then make DD's bottles at the size I need them.  Let me know if you continue with the drop-ins, I have a bunch that my sister gave me.
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