2nd Trimester

Should I be okay with not showing yet?

I'm 22 weeks and I have not started to yet. Deep down, it starting to get to me. I have no idea, why it bothers me. Can it be cause its my frist?

Re: Should I be okay with not showing yet?

  • yes it ok that you aren't showing yet.  most likely, its partly due to being your 1st and partly due to your body shape.  when i was pg with DS, i started to thicken out a bit around 18w but wasn't showing until the upper-20s.  i didn't get a single stranger comment on my being pg until i was 28w.  everyone shows in their own time.


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    DD - February 2011
  • We have the same due date (and we're both having girls, yay!) and I just started showing (really showing) within the last week or so. Everyone is different - hopefully you'll get your bump soon!
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  • Yes, I wouldn't worry. I didn't really start showing very much until about 2 weeks ago.

    Don't worry, pretty soon you'll be getting tons of stupid comments and you'll wish people would be quiet!

  • Don't worry w/ my first it took forever to show. I remember when I was 32 weeks and some lady thought I was only about 4 months along :( I never got very big w/ my first at all.
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  • It took forever to show with dd. I started to notice changes around 16/17 weeks, but no real bump until at least 20 weeks. At my baby shower everyone kept asking where my belly was and it drove my crazy!! This time, I'm showing already.
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  • I am a first time mom too and I was upset that I wasn't showing by 16 weeks so subconsciously I ate more then I probably should have so now I'm bigger then I've ever been with somewhat of a bump...trust me it will come just don't do what I did
  • I started the new school year at 21 weeks (I teach) and had many "Wait, what?!" responses when I talked about baby stuff. I thought I looked quite different but apparently tons of people had no idea. Even closer to 23/24 weeks I was just getting the "So..... i hear a rumor...." comments from people trying to figure out if I was or wasn't. Now it's hard to believe that was only 6 weeks ago because I think it's pretty obvious now, but honestly, in my fleece hoodie walking around town I don't think most people would confidently say I was PG. And I'm short and small, so go figure. I thought I would be huge by now but the belly is staying small-ish despite my completely adequate wieght gain.

    You'll get there. Don't worry. Besides, enjoy the feeling of bending over while you can. You'll miss it. I promise!

  • I had no bump until 24 weeks with my DD. Who is almost 6 now. Now I am 20 weeks yesterday I was asked if I was having twins or triplets. Don't worry, you will get get a bump.Smile
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  • don't worry! my doc said I probably wouldn't show til 26 weeks.

    I thought I was huge at 18 weeks but now I look at the pics and see how people that don't know me would think I was just didn't have a 6pk anymore.

    at 25 wks I am confident that I look pregnant....but then again yesterday a lady didn't believe my mom that I was so....

    in the end I'm measuring right on so I don;t care what people think!!!

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