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How Much Bleeding is OK?

Anyone have first trimester bleeding and then continue on with a healthy pregnancy?  I had spotting yesterday, and now today I have bleeding similar to a light period day.  Any thoughts or experiences?

Re: How Much Bleeding is OK?

  • I have had both bleeding which resulted in a normal pregnancy and birth (spotting - one episode) and one which resulted in a miscarriage. 

    I would say that only your doctor can really assess what is happening. Some good things - the membrane of the cervix is pretty sensitive when you are pregnant so bleeding can happen relatively easily. So speak to your doctor and they can tell you what is happening with a pelvic exam and some blood tests if necessary.

    Keep your chin up as it does happen pretty frequently and you shouldn't worry until absolutely necessary.


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  • Yep, I have had tons of it. It started at 6 weeks and so far it has stopped at 9. There are a lot of things that can cause it. Depending on how far a long you are you should see if you can get an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. 
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  • I work for an OB/GYN and he advises all of his patients to go into the office if the bleeding is like a period OR if it's bright red and accompanied by heavy cramping.
  • i had spotting at 6 weeks, and my dr. said don't worry, and call back if it is enough to soak through a pad an hour!


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  • Thank you so much ladies. It starting off like spotting and this afternoon, every time I go to the bathroom, it's coming out like a period.  I was thinking I will just run to the bathroom everytime I feel something, but I think I need to put a light pad in.  I have some light cramping, nothing that hurts, I just feel it.

    This is my first pregnancy and I am over 35 so I am really hoping for the best.


  • My doctor said any bleeding (light, heavy, pink, purple, brown, green, WHATEVER) to come in or call because its not something you want to gamble with.
  • I'm going thru the same (I'm 8 weeks but they told me 6...??) and I was told the same: at least you are soaking a pad or 2 in one hour and have severe pain, come back to the ER.to me is nerve wracking even tho I got an ultrasound done and heard my baby's heartbeat.

    they told me I had a threatened miscarriage and that it can still happen, although my cervix is closed, but I wasnt bleeding as much as I was last night is not enough to soaking a pad or two, but it's more like a light period day, and I have no pain, but just period like cramps (I was told that when you are miscarring is like 10 times more painful)


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