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This may be TMI but I need to vent (sorry).  DH and I decided that when DD turned 2 (beginning of this month) and we got back from Disney we'd start TTC #2.  Before we went on vacation I went for bloodwork because I have hypothyroidism and insuline resistence so I wanted to be sure all my numbers were good before TTC.  I just went to the doctor for my results and it showed up that I have a UTI.  I don't have any symptoms, other than frequent urination but I always have frequent urination, so the doctor put me on antibiotics for 7 days and said not to TTC until I stop them and get another urine test done to check on the UTI.  Here's what disappoints me...this is my "fertile" week but being I'm on the meds I can't do anything.  My period should have been this week but it actually came last week when I was on vacation (I stopped BC Pills in June in preparation for TTC and just as last time my period comes a week earlier every month for a few months until it regulates).  So that completely screwed me up.  I really wanted to get pregnant this month. I know there's a chance it won't happen right away but with DD it happened first try, so I was hoping I'd be that lucky again.  I'd love to have a summer baby.  Most of mine and DH's family have birthdays from October through March (including my DD) so I was trying to plan for a summer baby. I guess I still have next month.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Disappointed...TTC

  • I know you are just venting and having to wait to TTC stinks...

    but like you said, you still have next month and you never know how long it will take.

    I got pg with ds on birth control and now I am on cycle 18 TTC #2

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  • Awe your so cute! Dont always have next month! Hang in there. Its a miracle to have a will happen when its right.
  • TTC this time is already taking longer.  Last time it took 2 months, this time we are on month #3.  I really wanted a May or June baby and did not want to be pregnant during the summer.  Now, I just want a BFP. 

    I hope you get to start TTC soon and get a fast BFP!

    Oh and I'm glad to here you pee all the time too, I thought it was just me!

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  • I'm sorry. Waiting is never fun. : (
    Just remember it's only one cycle of waiting, and if you do get pregnant next cycle, you will still have a summer baby (August). 
    I hope you feel better.

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  • Its ok! You still have next month and you never know! and yes, thanks for saying you pee all the time, becuase i thought it was just me too! I still wake up early in the morning and run to the bathroom! lol. My first was a surprise, completely not planned, had her in May. a great time of year for a teacher to have a baby! I was able to return in Sept after 4 months home with my first baby! awesome. :D

    Im sure a summer birthday for your LO would be nice, but a summer third-trimester is NOT so fun. My sister had her DD late July. So remember, swolen ankles, hot hot hot, and being out of breath isnt always so fun. lol.

    just tryin to show you the bright side to a cooler weather birth. GL!


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  • HUGS! I feel your pain. We had no issues getting pregnant with my son. I have gotten pregnant twice since and miscarried both babies. Not fun!
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