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Hi, I was posting on the TTGP board, but unfortunately I think this one is a lot more fitting.  I have a complicated medical history and was fortunate enough to conceive DS after we were told that we wouldn't get pregnant unless we went the IVF route, the doctors were wrong.

DH and I want another baby.  I just got home from the OBGYN and now have a plan.  My question is about Clomid.  What have your experiences with the medication been so far?  Side effects?  Any previous clomid users that are back trying for a sibiling?  I really don't know anything about it, can you nice bumpies educate me?!   We start in November once our health insurance kicks in.


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  • Your son is super cute!  I too, was prescribed Clomid and after visting this board (thank goodness!) learned that Clomid should only be taken under supervision.  I have done 2 rounds of Clomid with my RE.  They monitor you with vaginal ultrasounds and bloodwork.  You run a risk of developing cysts when on Clomid which can be dangerous. The monitoring also helps you to know if it is working for you, if the dosage is correct, etc. 

    Hope this helps.

  • I am in my second cycle of Clomid. I experienced more side effects my first cycle, hot flashes, nausea, light headedness, headaches, and cramping.  This cycle I had only 5 hot flashes (and only the night I took the meds).  I am not being monitored with ultrasounds, on this board you will hear that it is a must however, there are a few of us being monitored with b/w only.

    Good luck to you! 



  • I've been on Clomid since May...It's been a challenge to regulate my ovulation, so I'm now up to 150 mg. of it and it seems to be doing the trick.  I too have had the hot flashes, nausea, headaches, light headed-ness.  I'd say the hot flashes are the most common though.  This month was the first time I really felt sick from it.  I have been monitored only with bloodwork too.  Each month I have a Progesterone test done to see if I've ovulated, and make sure the meds are doing their job.  Hope this helps! 
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