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My DH cried last night.

He felt the baby move/kick last night.  I knew he was very excited for this baby but to see him cry about feeling the Bean move just touched my heart.  I can only imagine him bursting into tears when Bean is born.  Dont know who will be crying more me or him.

Ohhhh I love him so much.

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Re: My DH cried last night.

  • That is so sweet! My DH would never do that. He cried SLIGHTLY when DD was born but I think he cut that short when he realized that I wasn't crying, I feel horrible for not crying because I always thought I would..I made up for it when I got home though : )
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  • image m0132:
    ...I wasn't crying, I feel horrible for not crying because I always thought I would..I made up for it when I got home though : )

    Same here!

    MH was really crying when DD was born though!  I was spent after pushing so no crying for me.  I thought I would though!  The crying came later!  lol!

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  • That is so sweet! I'm looking forward to sharing that moment as well :)

  • How Sweet!!! What a lovely moment...

    I don't remember if my DH cried when DS was born.. I do remember that I was bawling hysterically from the second they pulled him out (C-Section) until I was pretty much done with surgery... These poor doctors that have to deal with all this crap.. LOL He was probably saying to himself "Listen Chick! Stop the f'in crying so I can just sew you up and get the hell out of here!"

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  • Awwwww... SO *sweet*!

    Jared teared up at the ultrasound and heartbeat appointments. I figured he'd be like this, though. When our fish had babies, he re-did the fish tank (seriously crazy--new plastic plants, tank background paper, etc.). And I was like, "Why'd you do all that?" and he goes, "I had to; there were babies."

    So much for the tough Marine sniper stereotype ;-) Pre-pregnancy I jokingly kept score of who cried more, and he was winning. Now, I'm totally winning Crying

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  • I don't think my DH will cry.  I have NEVER seen him cry.  I honestly don't know if I will either.  I cry all the time, but never when I'm supposed to.  I didn't cry when he proposed, or when we got married.  I did cry when we heard the heartbeat at the first ultrasound.  That is a good sign, right?! 

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