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Q for those who were induced...

I posted this on 3rd Trimester but I figured you are probably the more appropriate audience for this question... I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow night at 8 p.m. (receive Cervidil, then will receive Pitocin the following morning).DH and I agreed that he should probably head home to get a good night's sleep (as the labor and delivery room only has a recliner I believe - the post partum rooms offer cots/beds for dad) but I sort of feel a little wishy washy about being all alone that night.Did you have DH or someone else stay with you if you were induced overnight?  When I asked the Dr. if that was common she sort of made it sound like, "Well if you WANT, but..." so I wasn't sure if it would be weird to have DH or my Mom come stay with me or if most women put their big girl panties on and spend the night alone :) 

Re: Q for those who were induced...

  • I would have someone stay with you.  If things progress quickly, you'll at least want someone there you can alert the rest of the family (you'll be way too busy for that!).  I wasn't a scheduled induction but I did receive pitocin and it dilated me from 6 to 10 cm's VERY fast.  The doctor was actually out jogging and had to be paged several times.  You never know how your body might react to the induction.

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  • I agree with the pp who said DH should stay.  You never know, my nurses brought my husband in a bed to sleep on.  It was SUPER nice to have him there with all the unknowns and possible side effects.  
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  • DH stayed with me.  My situation was a little different because my water broke, but I wasn't dilated, so I still had to get Misoprostol then Pitocin the next morning.  He did have a cot to sleep on though.  I was scheduled to be induced a couple days later and he would have stayed then too.
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  • DH stayed with me - it wasn't really debated in our house.  Plus, it was nice to have him around to help unplug the monitors and plug them back up when I had to go to the bathroom.  :)

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  • I agree with PP. Even though Cervidil didn't do anything for me at all and I did not progress at all overnight, I was still glad to have DH there. I had to stay in my bed because of the fetal monitor, so DH was there to get me food and drinks and etc. 
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  • I was induced, they started with the Cervidil and was planning on the pitocin in the morning, i wanted my sister and husband to go home and rest but they refused, good thing they did. They incerted the Cervidil around 10pm i was only 1cm dialated, but 2am i was in real bad pain they checked me but i was only 2-3cm at the time so they game me some IV pain med, by 3 the pain was still pretty bad, they checked me again and i was 4 so the put the epidural in, pain gone but by 5am i was feeling a lot of preassure so they checked me again and it was time to start pushing i was 10cm. My son was born at 6am that very same morning.

    So my advise to you is have your husband stay or he can miss it! Good Luck!


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  • I'd have someone with you so you don't have to call the nurse for every little thing. I didn't have cervidil but was induced with pitocin and i was in that bed for 17 hrs before ds arrived. Cause you'll have an IV and be hooked up to monitors so even just switching positions can be a struggle. Plus it helps to have someone there to talk with when you feel like it!
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  • He should stay! I wasn't induced, but was given pitocin to help me progress, my water had been broke for a while. I ended up being in labor for 18 hours. I would have been so lonely without my fiance. We've been together almost 9 yrs and haven't spent a night apart. (It was bad enough being in separate beds for 3 nights!) My room had a sofa that pulled out to a bed.
  • I would have him stay with you!! I can't imagine doing that alone. Although I didn't get cervadil so I don't know about that. My husband stayed w/ me until 8 o'clock the next day & I was induced at 5pm and gave birth via c-section at 429am. He'll live!
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  • image 42Butterflies:
    DH stayed with me - it wasn't really debated in our house.  Plus, it was nice to have him around to help unplug the monitors and plug them back up when I had to go to the bathroom:)

    Sorry, going off topic for a sec.  I had wireless monitors. I was great! They were even water proof and I went in the jacuzzi with them on. 

  • I got induced at 7 pm at night. My DH stayed with me. I didn't want to be alone and he wanted to be there for me.
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  • I was given cervadil at 6:30 pm on Tuesday night. I didn't deliver till 9:30pm Wednesday night.

    I wouldn't have noticed if DH wasn't there. He insisted on staying there but I did make him leave and go shower and get food once we were settled in our room. He kept thinking that something big was going to happen since that's what he'd seen on television but nothing ever did. They didn't even break my water till 10am Wednesday. It's your call but it's not like he can sleep in the bed with you. 

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  • i checked into the hospital at 9pm, received cervadil and then pitocin the following morning. dh stayed the night with me -- it never crossed my mind for him not to!  he's a big part of this experience too and i doubt he would ever have agreed to staying home for fear of missing something birth-related or me-related.  he only left the room once the following afternoon for 15 minutes bc i made him -- he hadn't eaten and i knew he would need his energy to get through the birth.  he felt bad going to eat when i couldnt eat anything and told me his mcdonalds tasted terrible (after the birth, he told me that was a lie, but he didnt want me to feel bad :) )

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  • I had two rounds of inductions over the course of about 36hrs.  I sent DH home both nights.  The first night they gave me an Ambien so I was out anyway.  The second night the induction was actually stopped and we were told nothing was going to happen, prepare for a c/s in the AM, etc. so I told DH to go home and get some rest.  My water broke at 3am and I called him to come back up to the hospital.  Wasn't a big deal.  Do whatever is best for you guys.
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  • the nurses brought a bed for my hubby to sleep on...and we were there a full day and a half before anything happened...wound up with an csection --so also keep that in mind as a small (don't want to freak you out) possibility.


  • I was induced and I was shocked at how quickly things progressed once they started the Pitocin!  That stuff is no joke.  Personally, my husband stayed the whole time.  For me the contractions went from nothing to talk about to super painful and close together within 10 minutes.  Depending on how far away your house is, it might be hard for your husband to get to the hospital in time.
  • I would have him stay!  I actually went into labor and my water broke with the just the cervadil. Good luck!

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  • I would want him to stay and I'm glad my H did since I went into labor overnight with just the cervadil. I ended up not needing pit and was in having decent contractions by 6 am.
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  • I was induced at 37weeks and 4 days due to pre-e. I was induced at 0900 on a Tuesday morning with pitocin. I sent DH home that night to sleep. I figured it was better that he have a good night sleep and I could always call him if I needed him. I didnt have my son until almost 8pm the next night. DH stayed that night and I sent him home to sleep the next night. 

    To me, it was more important that DH be rested to help coach me through labor and delivery (as well as drive) than he sleep in the hospital with me. I dont regret it one bit! 

  • I guess I am in the majority - I sent DH home and would again. I was already 41 weeks when I went in the night before my induction. They put in the Cervidil and gave me an Ambien so I could sleep through the monitors and everything. He did stay with me until I was sleepy, then left. I was out like a light and wouldn't have even known if he was there anyway and he would have just slept horribly. They didn't start the pitocin until the morning, which of course DH was there then. I was pretty confident that if I hadn't gone into labor yet it wouldn't likely happen that fast; if so, though, he could easily drive in if needed. It was much more important to be well rested for labor the next day.
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  • Leave the big girl panties at home sister! My husband spent the night with me - what if things pick up all of a sudden? That was my fear, but really there was never any question that he wouldn't be there.
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  • DH stayed in the room with me.  He slept in the chair.  They did have a chair that laid flat, but it wasn't comfortable for him.  I was fortunate and was only in labor for 15 hours.  I was induced with Pit and the nurses were happily surprised that I was only in labor that long because I was also on Magnesium for preeclampsia.  Mag is also used to prevent preterm labor, so it kinda works against Pit.  I started pushing at 6:05 am so I would defintely have your DH stay with you.  It is a lot less stressful, you won't be worrying if he would make it in to the hospital in time incase you go into labor sooner...
  • I would definitely have someone stay with you overnight.  I went in at night too to be induced and the Cervidil did not work for me either until 24 hours after I received it.  But without my DH there and then my Mom coming in the morning I probably would have gone crazy being there by myself anxiously waiting :) 
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