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2nd time mamma shower...

I feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a shower for my baby after everyone was so generous at the showers that I had for dd just two years ago.  Many of my friends have them for each of their children and that's totally fine, it's just not what I feel comfortable with.  Although no one has offered yet, I would like to figure out how I would handle the situation if it arises.  It also seems rude to turn someone's thoughtful offer down.  So I'm conflicted as to whether I would go with what makes me feel comfortable or with not offending the person who offers... or is there an in between?  Thoughts???

Re: 2nd time mamma shower...

  • have a sprinkle? diaper party? meet the baby party?
  • I feel that if we have another girl I won't want a shower, however if it's a boy and someone offers to throw it, then that's fine. Meet the baby is a great idea too!
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  • Lol... Sprinkle!  I love it!  I like "Meet the Baby"... Thanks for the input!!!
  • i have heard of have a nice lunch out with just the ladies in the family to celebrate the coming of the new baby?
  • My mother wants to throw me a shower so bad! But if its another boy I dont see the need since they will only be 21 months apart.  and everything we have for Alex the new baby can use. But I do see the point if its a girl. I like the idea of the sprinkle party or something small.

  • if we have another boy the only thing i will really need is diapers...ive heard of people throwing parties and then just having everyone bring diapers, that would be a big help to us especially since we are really tight on money.  we do have lots of boy clothes but ds was born at the end of sept, and this one will come at the beginning of summer so while most of the clothes we could make work, some are just the wrong size/season for when lo will wear them...and if its a girl then we will definitely need new clothes...if someone offeres to throw a party there is no way im turning it down.

    oh you could also have a party where people bring premade meals for you to freeze and then your freezer will be stocked with food for postpartum and you wont have to worry about cooking with the 2 kids

  • I think this might be a regional thing.  Where I am, it's kind of unheard of for someone to have a shower after their first baby.  It's pretty normal for close family or friends to take you out to lunch or something.  My best friend had her second last year and 4 of us took her out to dinner and got her a certificate for a massage. 
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  • I recently went to a shower for a 3rd time mommy. It was a diaper shower - each person was to bring 2 packs of diapers (any size). Mom picked through the diapers for brands/sizes she needed for the newborn and her older kid and then the other half of the diapers were donated to a local women's shelter.
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  • Just out of curiosity... What part of the country are you in?  I live in the NW, but was not raised here... so maybe that's part of it.
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