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T & P needed

I rarely post, but I hoped you ladies could send some well wishes to my DD. 

My DH and I had noticed some irregular eye movements in our DD, so we mentioned it at her 4-month well visit.  The pediatrician recommended we get an evaluation with a pediatric opthalmologist, which we had today.  While Annabel's right eye seemed ok, the doc said that the retina of her left eye was completely detached and he didn't think her vision in that eye was salvagable, but he wasn't sure.  He made some calls so we could be seen immediately by a pediatric retina specialist. 

The specialist examined her, and the end result is that she has to go to children's hospital for eye surgery on Monday afternoon.  He's going to do an in-depth exam of her eyes under anesthesia to get a better idea of how bad the left eye is and whether the right eye has any problems or not.  Depending on the outcome of that, he may proceed to do laser surgery on the right eye to keep it from deteriorating like the left eye, and then if it looks like there is anything he can do for the left eye to restore vision he will do that also.  He won't know until he goes in, but as of now Annabel has no vision in her left eye. 

I'm heartbroken that DD has to deal with this, and worried about the surgery on Monday.  To think that this morning my biggest worry was that she woke up an extra time to be fed last night.  She was so good during all the poking and prodding today.  All I want is for her to be healthy and happy.  I hope you'll send some thoughts and prayers our way.  Thanks.



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