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16 week appointment this morning! :)

And it went well.  LO's heart was beating away - such a beautiful sound.

Talked with the Dr about my headaches/migraines.  He ended up giving me a px for vicodin.  He said that there really isn't anything in between.  Either tylenol or narcotics.  Told him, I'd like to stay away from the narcs and I'll just deal with it.  Then he says "I'm going to give you a px anyways because in case you get one over the weekend, you call me, all I can do is tell you to go to the ER and you've almost been there once already."  I was in shock and can't believe it's either, or.  You can't take any medications for migranes - Imitrex, excedrin, etc.  We'll see.  I'm very leary about it.

Then got my blood drawn for neural tube defects and will hopefully get the results back by the end of the week.

The best part was scheduling my 20 week scan!  Even though we are Team Green, I can't wait to see my LO again and how much s/he's grown.  11/16.  I can't wait and can't believe it's only 4 weeks away.

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Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
BFP#1 1.28.10; HB 6w5d 2.18.10; No HB 3.8.10; Natural m/c 3.9.10 at 9w3d
BFP#2 - 7.22.10 DD born 3.16.11
BFP#3 - 8.11.11 DS born 3.27.12

Re: 16 week appointment this morning! :)

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