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bionic sense of smell

When does it kick in? Does it happen to everyone?

Re: bionic sense of smell

  • Ugh. The smells of the world are really bumming me out. It was the first symptom I noticed with my DD and with this one too.
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  • I remember it arriving with morning sickness (which started at exactly 6 weeks with DS and ended at 12 weeks) and lasting into 2nd tri.  But everyone is different, I'm sure  :)
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  • Everyone is different.  But for both pregnancies I have had a very sensitive nose even before I knew I was pregnant.  I walk around criticising everyone's choice of perfume or cologne (in my head) **I don't wear any BTW, b/c it sort of bothers me even when I'm not pregnant.  Also, the vent in our office is right over the cafeteria, which is bad all around.  Its bad while I still have m/s b/c the smell makes me nauseous and its bad once the m/s is gone b/c it makes me hungry all day...


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  • I didn't have it with DD--my nose was so stuffy the entire pg I couldn't smell anything.  This time around, I have the super sniffer and most smells make me nauseated. 
  • I have had it sense before I knew I was pregnant. I would ask people at work...ugh, do you smell that? and they would say..no, smell what?  lol

     It is really annoying especially when working in a public setting such as RETAIL!  oy!

  • I have to clean my kitchen, but I can't deal with the food smells. I'm getting an air freshner tomorrow.
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  • Mine didn't start right away, but it's definitely there now. I think it started around 6 weeks. Everything smells bad to me now. At dinner I always think the meat is spoiled and have to get the rest of the fam to give their opinion. Cleaning products are horrible. Pretty much every food just doesn't smell good. Exhaust coming from other cars while driving, Blah. You name it, I'm smelling it and not in a good way. Be happy it hasn't happened to you yet.


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  • Mine started in week 6.  I work with about 70 kids, and to my pregnant nose, they stink!!!  I am convinced they don't wipe after they go to the bathroom, and they all eat their boogers resulting in booger breath.  There are first graders who I swear need medical strength deodorant for their armpits.  

    At home, the kitchen is the worst.  My hubby does all the cooking so I don't even have to walk in there.

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    Mine started in week 6.  I work with about 70 kids, and to my pregnant nose, they stink!!!  I am convinced they don't wipe after they go to the bathroom, and they all eat their boogers resulting in booger breath.  There are first graders who I swear need medical strength deodorant for their armpits.  

    At home, the kitchen is the worst.  My hubby does all the cooking so I don't even have to walk in there.

    LOL!!!!!  I am so sorry but as a fellow teacher(I work in four preschool classrooms with 3 year olds) the booger comment just makes me giggle!      I feel your pain!


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  • Mine started a few days before my BFP. I was in class and a classmate was eating a sandwich on the other side of the room. Before I saw it was a sandwich I was sure someone was eating an onion, yuck! The next day I could smell DH's shoes, although I have no idea where they were hiding.

    But I think everyone is different as to when it starts, or if they even develop a super sense of smell.

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  • I'm sure everyone is different, but for me, I think it kicked in somewhere between 5 and 6 weeks.  It hasn't been to overwhelming, thankfully--basically I've just noticed that everything smells stronger.
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  • image jengon:
    . Be happy it hasn't happened to you yet.

    I'm happy for sure! I just wanted to know if it can come up later or not. 

  • I experienced this with my son, but it's stronger with this pregnancy. The problem is, my fiance's breath almost always smells bad to me and it is getting in the way of intimate moments with him. I suddenly can't stand to kiss him or even have him breathe in my direction! I have been considering keeping hard candy on hand and offering him a piece when he is moving in close, but I don't want to hurt his feelings...
  • mine started around half way through week 6 and has only been getting worse since, my husband says i have a better sense of smell than our dog. Im to the point though where i cant even be within half a foot of anyone who eats meat because i can smell the meat on them, and i have to leave the house while my husband cooks and eats meat with all of the windows wide open. i know not everyone gets it though, my sister in law never did and she never got morning sickness either. lets cross our fingers you're one of the lucky ones, because this is no fun
  • my sniffer started getting really sensitive about the same time my morning sickness kicked in which was 6 or 7 weeks in. an unfortunate coincidence, lolz. and it's only gotten stronger, now at almost 14 weeks my nose actually twitches if something smells bad or overly strong to me (which is lots of things!). its ridiculous! i look like a sniffing cat!
  • For me, it kicked in in the first trimester, though I don't remember when exactly.  I do remember it went from "strong" to "oh. my. GOD" around the beginning of my 2nd trimester.

    No joke, I can smell certain things quite a ways away (which for me, is funny since my sense of smell was nothing before).  I have no idea if it sounds normal or not, but I can honestly smell a cigarette being smoked by a driver in the car in front of me if we're stopped at a red light and his window is down.  It's not overpowering, but definitely there.

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  • Last night my husband went to sleep before I did, and when I went to go to bed, his feet smelled so bad I had to wash them myself with a wet rag before I could get into bed with him! (I felt a little like Jesus for a second...LOL)
  • During my first trimester when I was sick (only in the afternoon though) I couldn't stand alot of smells and they made me queasy. I'm a little over 19 weeks now and a couple weeks ago I noticed I smell EVERYTHING especially hot sauce and onions (weird, huh). I smell bad smells more often than good ones and it kind of sucks. So yea, around 16 weeks is when I started
  • I had the same problem, I then realized that it was garlic that was doing it.  I am currently 28 weeks and it has not gotten any better but we make sure that we eat nothing with garlic in it.  Good luck to youSmile
  • I had it last time and it's not any better this time. We have plants all over our office and I made everyone get rid of them because I could smell the dirt and it made me sick. My boss just shakes his head and laughs.
  • I started at around 6 wks, I ride the New York Subway at least 5 days a week, twice a day. So i deal with many different smells and body odor, I have to move seats or stand to get away from heavy perfumes. I threw up on the train three days ago , but the guy next to me was drowning in something. It was my first time, and im 16 wks now. But I just couldn't hold it, The motion in the rain plus him was too much. I didnt even feel embarrassed , and nobody tried to help me or ask if i was okay. I felt like it was right as a new yorker to go through that and as a pregnant woman.
  • It happened to me but it doesn't happen to everyone.
  • wow I thought I was the only one who thought that.  I tell my DH that he is backed up because I can smell it on his breath.  And I'm still TTCing. I hope for the love of little green men that I can keep from gagging after I become pg.
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